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Quick guide to the equipment at the gym

Jun 20th 2014 at 2:53 AM

The equipment in the gym usually divided into three main groups: aerobic machines, power tools and accessories in the so-called. weights are available, namely barbells and dumbbellslifting. Equipment for aerobic exercise like the treadmill or stationary

bike, helps us burncalories , and on the other machines we exercise to increase muscle mass.

Exercise Equipment burning calories:
Remember that each session of training on aerobic outfits should last at least 30 minutes. Burning fat does not start right away - first the body heats up, preparing to workout.

One of the easiest-to-use machine on gym . Depending on the set pace, sliding under the feet of tape allows us to walk or run in an exercise on physical fitness. Running also strengthens our legs, buttocks and abdomen. Most treadmill can also change the incline level, mimicking the same walk or run uphill.

Stationary Bike
Support a bicycle should not cause anyone problems. Exercise looks exactly likerideon an ordinary bike and a little aggravating for arthritis. Before wskoczeniem on the instrument should take care of its setting - when sitting on the saddle we put his foot on the pedal, the knee should be slightly bent.

Training on a bike outside the burning of fat will expand the muscles of the legs and buttocks. What's more, we can adjust the speed and load to our skills, making the ride enjoyable, recreational activities or heavy training.

We recommend: ABC of physical activity

Exercise stepper primarily affect the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Traversed like climbing stairs - set your feet on the pedals and alternately pressed against them to the floor. It sounds like an easy exercise, but 15 minutes of the training enough to get some sweat.

Also called "oarsman" mapped hardware movement, which takes place during boating. Exercise is therefore to pulling a rope attached to the machine at the alternate bending and straightening the knee. Such training not only burnscalories , but also strengthens the muscles of the arms , legs and back.

Traffic on orbitreku like training for cross-country skiing or popular " Nordic walking "- moving both arms and legs. Exercise does not burden the joints and requires the work of the whole body, thus allows the majority party to strengthen the muscles in the body, with particular emphasis on the leg muscles.

Exercise equipment to increase muscle mass:
Bench crunches
Variety bench to do sit-ups may be a few, but all the benches have common characteristics: they are lined with a soft material, have handles to hold the leg and used to perform bends and twists the body that strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Stationary handrail
The stationary handrail is high equipment with handrails located roughly at shoulder height. Based forearms on armrests can lift his feet, thus exercising the abdominal muscles. The same rails can be used to strengthen our hands by raising and lowering body weight.

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