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Provigil Sleep-free work schedules

Sep 30th 2015 at 1:28 AM

Provigil helps in promoting wakefulness in a person effectively. Confused? It helps fight a sleep condition called as Narcolepsy in which a person is unable to control his bouts of sleep during the daytime. It is also called as excessive daytime sleepiness. Provigil with the help of its active chemical helps a person fight and deal with this problem. But this drug is just a treatment and not a cure. So do not expect it to cure you off completely. Being a drug after all there are some side effects that will occur. However there is nothing much to worry about since they can be treated with timely and efficient medical help and supervision.

Take a look at some of the possible side effects that Provigil can give:
Allergic reactions like hives or swelling on the neck, tongue or face and even throat are commonly heard of. There might also be a difficulty in breathing. If you happen to face these you should immediately stop consuming Provigil until you get a medical help. Some of the other side effects are fever, sore throat, a tingling feeling; bruises happen easily, pain in the muscle, weakness, red skin, and feeling of vomiting. You may also notice white patches or sores inside your mouth and also on lips and also hallucinating things or weird and confusing thoughts.

To avoid these to a great extent you can certainly follow some precautions. These when followed, Provigil makes sure that you do not get too many side effects.

The intensity also reduces. Before you start consuming Provigil, the first and foremost thing that needs to be done is making a visit to your nearest clinic and have a talk with your health care provider. This is done so that you get yourself checked and mention of even the smallest health problem that you may have had or still have. You can also discuss about any allergies that you may have had in the past. Also you need to tell if you are under any other medication, do not forget to mention the same. I you have been a heart patient or had any problem related to liver or kidney, even then you have a strong enough reason to visit your doctor. Sometimes two drugs will cause clashes and many unexpected reactions to the body.  Do not consume this drug with alcohol. Always consume tablets of Provigil with water and not any aerated drinks or anything else. Usually the dosage given is 200mg per day. But your dosage will differ as per your health and body. It all depends on how healthy you are so whatever dose you get should be strictly kept for you only. Do not share or pass it on. Every dose will be different for every person.

Make sure you follow all this and soon you will realize that your problem of excessive daytime sleepiness will be in control and you will stay alert and awake all through the day without even a ounce of sleep in your eye.

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