Proven Millions Seek Heartburn Cure

Feb 6th 2012 at 3:51 AM

Heartburn, the lower sternum is defined as a burning sensation can be felt especially in the chest. This pain shoots and is caused by reflux of acid digestion was entered at the bottom of the esophagus leads to burning and stinging.
This state is called heartburn, false angina, reflux esophagitis and heartburn and.
According to the statistics, if 60 million Americans are suffering from heart burn disease, it occurs, it is a good thing obviously does not have. This is why this article was written. You are to help relieve the pain and ultimately to reach the HeartBurn Cure. However, because of limited space. I have some of the common methods of HeartBurn Cure, heart, you will need to cover the case is an urgent need for the HeartBurn Cure detail, and a step-by-step. I would be happy, please click to help you, just the link at the bottom of the article. He points to my blog, I recommend the book has a track record of helping people reach the HeartBurn Cure. And try to avoid fraud, it is not. , So that the original core of more than one thousand burns can not be wrong.
Enough to move, to this meat.
That is, a particular substance, you know that there is a potential cause of heart burn already. So, to avoid it, "trigger" heartburn medicine that can be reached before it started. Very simple, but it is not!
However, the substance, the fact that commonly cause heartburn? Well, it is one of the top five. Roll, drums, please.
A. Caffeine - Heartburn cure , the first place will be a derivative thereof, caffeine or cola, chocolate, as some tea. This material, in the return flow of acid digestion, but may result in esophageal sphincter muscle to relax.
Two. Fat foods and foods high in fat, - because it requires a special enzyme that they can digest them, these agents will slow down the digestion. Many products of the digestive system problem to concede, in the stomach of an increase in pressure on the sphincter of the esophagus, and then begin to accumulate at the end. Acid digestion is burning in the esophagus, there again.
Three. Tomatoes and tomato products and cause heartburn - tomatoes. It is also relaxes the esophageal sphincter such food.
Four. Chemicals from tobacco is a weakening of the muscles of the lower esophageal sphincter smoking a stick - smoking.
Five. Has the effect of relaxing the muscles of the sphincter of the esophagus - alcohol.
Now you know to avoid the food. Let's add a few tips on how to achieve a cure for heartburn actually.
You, please to eat high-fiber diet. Also, have become increasingly popular in recent years, by the way, you can try herbal supplements such as ginger ale or ginger tea some like this. Drink plenty of water as a HeartBurn Cure. Swallow the saliva. To reduce the acidity in the saliva is 50%. It is also to stimulate in order to produce more saliva, it is recommended that you do in the chewing gum.
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