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prevention and cancer of vegetables and fruits

Aug 13th 2014 at 12:31 AM

Some studies show that eating more vegetables and fruit effects of chronic disease prevention and cancer.5 fruits are especially good for your health The flip side of fruit juice that many people do not know 8 kinds of fruit should be eaten in summer 7 kinds of fruits help you increase energy quickly in the summer

Research at the University of Adelaide is regarded as the first study in the world to learn about the relationship between diet and 11 chronic diseases including anemia, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, arthritis joints, inflammation of the liver,

coronary heart disease, asthma, stroke, bone fractures and cancer. Concluded that scientists learned is to eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains help prevent the development of chronic diseases .

The study, done in conjunction with universities and medical institutions in China and Canada, published in the Journal of American Clinical Nutrition.

The effects of chronic disease prevention and cancer of vegetables and fruits 1

So far, a good diet and prevention against disease is considered to be closely affiliated with each other. This is the first study to explore the link between nutrition and the development of many chronic diseases. The researchers studied more than 1,000 Chinese in 5-year intervals.

Zumin Dr. Shi, co-author of the study, said the study participants and the average eat 57 grams of fruit per day - a relatively small amount compared with the Standards Australia has not developed any disease during chronic studies.

Several other studies also showed the effects of fruit and vegetables in reducing cancer rates.

The researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, surveyed 275 people who had bladder cancer and 825 who do not have cancer. They focused user group survey of cruciferous plants such as broccoli and cabbage. These vegetables are rich in isothiocyanates, a class of substances that can reduce cancer risk .

Results for those who do not smoke very impressive indeed. People who eat less than 3 servings of vegetables per month to live at risk of bladder cancer group than those who eat more than three servings of vegetables per month. For both smokers and non-smokers, those who only eat a minimum of 3 servings of vegetables, 40% less risk. But similar effects of cooked vegetables was not detected. Dr. Li Tang, who led the study said: "Cooked food reduces 60-90% of ITCs (isothiocyanates)".

The effects of chronic disease prevention and cancer of vegetables and fruits 2

Another study by Ohio State University group has performed for patients with Barrett's esophagus diseases (diseases that can lead to esophageal cancer ) eating black raspberries.

Laura Kresty and colleagues at Ohio State for the disease who ate black raspberries dried daily for 6 months: women 32 grams, and 45 grams for men. They proceed through check urine concentrations of two compounds - 8-isoprostane and GSTpi - from here can tell whether the cancer has been raging in the body.

Kresty said 58% of patients with a significant reduction in 8-isoprostane, is less dangerous means, and 37% higher than the rate GSTpi. These compounds generally have low rates in patients with Barrett while it has the ability to fight cancer-causing agents.

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