Pozamotoryczne symptoms in Parkinson's disease

Jun 15th 2014 at 9:05 PM

Health, or what?
As defined by the World Health Organization (World Health Organization - WHO), healtha full physical, mental and social, and not merely the absence of disease or senility. Since not all aspects ofHealthmay be included in the parameters of the "objective", such as morbidity, mortality, or the range of physiological parameters highlighted the aspects of 'subjective' health as physical, and mental. This has raised the need to formulate the definitionqualityof life (Quality of Life - QoL)

. And although the concept of health by the WHO has not changed since 1948, it recently has expanded concept of health is about the concept of QoL. This concept has been defined by the WHO in 1993 as an individual assessment of the individual on its position in life, both in a cultural context and in relation to the value system,

which pays homage, as well as to their own objectives, expectations and fears. Rating the quality of life is so comparison of expectations and the actual state [Preamble to the Constitution of the World Health Organization, 1948; WHO, 1

This assessment is shaped by many factors, including the social and professional relationships, family life, the level of independence (including financial) and the most important elements of the living environment.

In search of objective indicators
For the purpose of health care is the most important influence Healthphysical and mental state on QoL, so called. quality of life related to health (Health Related Quality of Life - HRQoL). H

level depends on the assessment made ​​by the patient and referring to the impact of the disease on all aspects of his life.

Analysis of HRQoL has become one of the methods of assessing the health of both individual patients and in relation to the population selected. It is of particular importance in the case of chronic

diseases and is a tool to help identify those elements of the disease that is difficult (or at all) submit to an evaluation during a routine examination klinicznego.

W case of PD and other teams parkinsonian , HRQoL is currently taking place as an important parameter of evaluation of the results of clinical trials conducted, among others, on the need for a modern therapeutic methods.

HRQoL assessment should also apply, in conjunction with specialist clinical evaluation in everyday medical practice (eg individual decisions diagnostic and therapeutic evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment), but also at the level of health policy of the country (eg, pharmacoeconomics,    

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