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Power Walking | Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle.

Sep 6th 2012 at 5:18 AM

We have all heard and seen on television people walking as fast as there is no tomorrow. Well, they do not do that just for fun, as this exercise has many health benefits technology. Many coaches, athletes and fitness enthusiasts include power walking in their daily exercise program. Highly recommended by doctors, this simple yet beneficial workout will help you achieve your fitness goals without injury joints (as opposed to running or jogging in comparison). But what is this walk, after all? Seems like every other kind of walking. Or is it? That's what we're here to find out.


Run or Power Walk


Call power or speed or fast walking, of course, it has to observe many positive points. But before we go into detail about the speed of walking vs. running (or jogging), let me clarify something. Do not confuse what we discuss with Olympic walking. What do they do at the Olympic level skier, where there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed for fast walking. So now that we have that out of the picture, we will go over the obvious differences between running and jogging and this type of foot, along with the calories burned chart Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle.


If you decide to run

While there is a significant difference between running and jogging, this type of physical activity will be as intense. Foot of the rotor during the movement over the ground at a given time float. If the running technique is done properly, running can improve cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, the total cost reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, helps to lose weight, tone your body, strengthens bones and the immune system. Also, running in reversing the effects of aging and help to help boost your self esteem.


Regardless of age, everyone can indulge in the gym within a / home or outside in a park. But although there are so many health benefits, an individual can often be a couple of disadvantages. If the technique is not followed correctly, a runner might have sore muscles, knee pain or other joint pain and knee pain after or during operation. Which is why knowing how to be executed correctly is essential.


Decide to Walk

What this walk is all about? If normal walking gait is combined with increased levels of speed, you will get involved in this walk. Normally the speed between 4.5 mph to 5.5 mph. For a person to power walk, he / she has to keep one foot on the ground. The contact is constant, where one foot touching the ground, such as running or jogging, which are at a point of time, compared with both feet off the ground. With your feet together, the arms also play an equal role. The arm swings intensified as it helps support the whole body during this rapid pace Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle review .


The power-walking technique is becoming more popular by the day, and will soon be replaced jogging and running. Why? Since it helps speed up your metabolism and also increases total calories burned. The workout is low-impact, which means less stress and risk of injury to your joints. But this can still offer you one of the best aerobic exercises strict. Plus, the music can help you a lot to.


Total Calories Burned


The following is a table where you can see the total calories burned while running and brisk walking. The reason why we gave 2 tables is because you burned calories while power walking can compare with running. The weight is calculated in pounds and calculates the distance traveled in miles per hour. When you look across the table, you can understand how many calories you burn by walking exercisesBurn The Fat Feed The Muscle.



Weight distance in mph Calories

110 5 435

130 5 514

150 5 593

170 5 672

200 5 790


Power Walking

Weight distance in mph Calories

110 5 385

130 5 455

150 5 525

170 5 595

200 5 700


As I mentioned earlier, power walks and runs for physical fitness has many health benefits. If you learn the proper technique with a power walk and wish it would in your daily schedule includes talking to a fitness trainer for guidance.

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