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Anatoly Kovalev | kovalsamtel
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2 years ago

Polymedel Healing Film (a thin polymer sheet)

Mar 15th 2014 at 10:37 PM

For home use.

Not require a prescription from a licensed health care practitioner.

The POLYMEDEL Applicator:

Guaranteed Fast, Effective Pain Relief

The Polymedel is produced by Scientific Production Company "ELMET", Saint Petersburg.

The Applicator POLYMEDEL is a thin polymer film (a thin polymer sheet)(9х30,thickness 10-50 mcm), charged by a special electret technology.

The Polymedel can keep electrostatic charge and therefore its medicinal properties for a long time.The surface charge density is around 10 C/cm2.

Method of electrification : modified corona charge.

Material of the film : toxic-free medical fluoroplastic-4 or other copolymers of fluoroplastic, medically authorized.

In the electrostatic field the process of orientation of the dipole molecules of biological tissue occurs. It activates physiological processes in the zone of action of the field and accelerates the regeneration of tissue.


*helps to relief pain, fights against inflammatory processes, accelerates fracture healing, etc.

*Joint diseases (knee, talocrural, hip); osteochondrosis ; muscle diseases, soft tissues diseases (myosites, tenosynovitises); diabetic neuropathy ; gastrointestinal tract pathology (gastric and duodenal ulcer, chronic colitis, cholecystitis ).

*Anti-age and anti-wrinkle.

It does not cause allergic reactions nor side effects.

The electret applicator Polymedel is certified by the Ministry of Public Health of Russian Federation. It is registred on the RF National List of Medical Production. The Polymedel is sertified to National Standards.The Polymedel is produced by Scientific Production Company "ELMET", Saint Petersburg.



Open the packing. Cut a piece of the Polymedel film big enough to cover the total painful area (longer than the total painful area). Be sure to cover your work area with it.

When you apply the Polymedel, you can put a single (or double) layer of a soft natural cotton cloth between  the Polymedel and a sore area. Gauze cloth, for example. It prevents the Polymedel sheet from sweat. This way you can apply the Polymedel for many hours. You can put it on your bed and sleep on it.

You can use the Polymedel  through dressing materials (100% natural).The Polymedel can also be applied on the cast.


Do not touch the surface of the Polymedel. Fingerprints and dust on the surface of the Polymedel may cause damage. Always hold the Polymedel by its edges .

Wipe the Polymedel with the alcohol-soaked cloth if it becomes polluted (the Polymedel does not stick to the paper wrapping if it is polluted). Then dry it properly.The healing properties recover.

You usually feel the therapeutic effect after 20 - 30 minutes wearing the Polymedel.

The time of sessions (wearing the Polymedel) is from 40-60 minutes to 24 hours; but no more than 48 hoursThe optimal time is chosen individually ! After a session it is recommended that you wipe the effected skin with the soft dry towel. The interval between sessions should be around 10 – 20 hours.

At "wet wounds" or at festering,  application of the Polymedel is prohibited, because an air access to the wound is restricted. In that cases, it  is recommended to put the Polymedel over the nearest area of the wound; or put the Polymedel over  a double layer of a cotton cloth (gauze).












Contra-indications: illnesses of a skin. Oncology in a zone of application.


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