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Poisoning has a high risk of death.

Aug 15th 2014 at 9:45 PM

In our daily lives, we are constantly exposed to substances that can cause poisoning : decomposed food, monoxide, paints, insecticides and rat poisons are examples. Even some medications , depending on their composition, can poison a person.
Occurrence requires quick relief

Occurs when a poisoning , it is important to provide fast relief . Call medical help and, if the person is unconscious, it is essential to check breathing and pulse, to know if the person does not need to be revived until expert help arrives.

If poison is swallowed, you may need to check what was ingested. Photo: Shutterstock
But besides acting quickly in these cases, it is also important to adopt the correct procedures in every situation. Check out a quick guide to first aid to learn how to act in front of a poisoning .
Poisoning by ingestion

. 1 Monitor the airway , the breath and pulse of the person. If necessary, start mouth to mouth resuscitation .

2. Verify that effectively is a case of poisoning . See if the ingested food has a strange smell, look for burns around the mouth, difficulty breathing or unusual smells the person. It is important, if possible, identify the source of the problem.

Three. Do not induce vomiting on their own. Do this only if your doctor instructs you help by phone.
4. If the person vomits, make sure she does not choke on vomit. Place a piece of cloth the fingers before cleaning the victim's mouth and, if possible, keep vomiting, as this may help the specialist to determine the cause and provide more specific help.

5. Keep the person comfortable. Leave her lying , side, while waiting for rescue.
6. Assuming you have reached the clothes of the person, take them off and wash the skin with water.

Poisoning by inhalation
One. part medical help immediately. Do not attempt to rescue a person exposed to poison another without warning, because you too may suffer poisoning .
Two. rescue the person from exposure to poison only if safe to do so and then open the windows and doors so that there is movement in the environment.

Three. Breathe fresh air several times and, before entering the threatening environment, hold your breath.

4. not light matches or lighters, as some gases can be fuel and cause an explosion.
. 5 After removing the person to a safe environment , monitor the airway - if necessary, begin mouth-to-mouth.

6. If the person vomits, avoid it choking on vomit, and just as in poisoning by ingestion , use a piece of cloth around the fingers to wipe the mouth and the throat of the victim.
7. Seek medical help , even if the person has fully recovered.
What not to do

One. try not to medicate a person victim of poisoning .
Two. NOT induce vomiting because the poison is  corrosive , likely to cause more damage when expelled.
Three. try not to use homemade solutions such as lemon juice or vinegar , unless medical help so indicate by telephone.

4. expect not the manifestation of symptoms if you suspect that someone has been the victim of poisoning .

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