Performance anxiety can also cause ED

Jan 6th 2016 at 12:55 AM

Erectile dysfunction is topic that needs to be taken seriously. The common misbelieve only really old men as most Cialis ads try to convince us. But men above the age of 18 can encounter erectile dysfunction problems either fleeting or long term. Yes it does affect men above the age of 45 more frequently than younger men. That’s primarily because many of the causing symptoms of ED occur as men age. Symptoms such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis very rarely affect younger men and are typically more common as you age. However there are a couple of factors that could cause long term ED in younger men. Those are stress and performance anxiety. Performance anxiety in particular affects younger men with more intensity when it comes to achieving erections. In this article we discuss how performance anxiety can affect your sex life and how to solve it. Is it as straightforward as buying Generic Cialis online or are there other alternatives?

The thing about performance anxiety is it sets in usually after an isolated incident in which you were not able to achieve an erection. Feelings of embarrassment and guilt usually follow an episode of ED because you feel as though you have let your partner down. The whole experience makes you feel as though it’s blight on your masculinity. So you begin to worry about the next encounter and whether you will be able to achieve an erection then. The problem is you deal with all this anxiety in isolation as you feel too embarrassed to share your problem with anyone including your partner. If you constantly worry about the same thing it becomes more than a worry and starts to feel almost like a certainty. So instead of worrying about achieving erections now you are certain that you can’t achieve them.

The thing about anxiety is it can only be reduced by one thing and that’s a confidence booster. One of the best confidence boosters available is the PDE5 inhibiting properties of Cialis medications. Now before you jump on your keyboard to download a Cialis coupon, let’s discuss how this medicine helps men achieve erections. Erectile dysfunction occurs mainly due to the blood flow into the penis being affected. So Cialis manages to repair this problem by raising nitric oxide regulation in the body. Nitric oxide being a muscle relaxant causes the blood vessels to relax and as a result to dilate. This improves the blood flow into the penis allowing men to experience firm erections that are also long lasting. One commonly asked question on online forums is where can I buy Cialis? Cialis can be bought online at much lesser rates then buying from your local drugstore. It can be bought without prescription and delivered right to your doorstep.

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