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Pearly Penile Papules How To Get Rid ???

Sep 19th 2012 at 5:05 AM

Pearly penile papules are small conical elevations of the skin that may appear as filaments. These typically will appear in the slot or the tip of the glans, for it involves the genitals of the male species. The lesions or can be white or pink to it. These are generally formed in large numbers and in a continuous sequence. They may be arranged in one or more rows and be observed more easily when the penis in an erect state. The mechanism behind their formation is still unknown, although it is. By medical professionals, the sebaceous glands, the root cause for its occurrence is assumed to be blocked In medical terms, this condition is known as papillary Hirsuties Genitalisas. - Also known as White penile papules penile papules or pink depending on the color of the papules.


Pearly penile papules statistics - How many men have PPP?


The incidence of pearly penile papules among men is high. They usually occur in men. In the prime of life, with a gradual decrease in frequency with age Previously it was assumed that this condition have frequently heard uncircumcised men, probably due to accumulation of sebum between the foreskin and the glans of the penis, but studies have shown that this is not true  pearly penile papules removal.


It pearly penile papules cause side reactions?


Pearly penile papules are not known harmful exposure to adverse health problems, or a victim of trigger, but there may be some anxiety before or during intercourse. Because of its ugliness, the condition can initiate feelings of despondency and despair in every sexually active person.


Lifecycle PPP - PPP cured without surgery or treatment?


The exact cause behind the formation of PPP between the male species is not known. These were found in very young children as well occur, not only sexually active persons confined. The bumps are arranged in a circle around the penis head and a gradual increase in number, sometimes multiple rows form of dome-shaped projections, skin color, which often pearlescent appearance. You can multiply as the days go by and some disappear completely reduced again after some time. Once the bumps begin to occur, are maintained for life, though. An opportunity to become smaller or disappear as the person ages However, this process takes about 10 to 15 years elapse. Moreover, the condition may intensify unpleasant if not a permanent solution is sought. Hence the search for a cure is recommended to learn to live with them.


Facts about pearly penile papules for CPP patients


Before entering the discussion about effective treatments that can help in curing this condition male genital skin, is essential in order to clarify doubts and concerns of patients by strengthening their highlights.


- Pearly penile papules occur only in men.

- This is basically an altered condition of the skin of the male genitalia.

- The papules are formed only in or around the head of the penis and not be extended to a larger area or spread to other body parts.

- This skin condition is not received or passed on from parents to children.

- Pearly penile papules are not sexually transmitted, and they can not be transmitted through sexual contact.

- The papules, even those who have not had sex occur.

- This condition will not interfere with the individual sexual encounters.

- Pearly penile papules cause no health problems.

- There is no link between the warts, Fordyce spots and PPP.

- While this condition does not require treatment, effective treatment is available to help alleviate this condition.


Psychological aspect of Pearly Penile Papules


Pearly penile papules are harmless, unable to interfere with the sexual powers of an individual or for them turns out to be classified as malignant. Neither may be sent to a partner through the "act". However, the appearance of these unsightly skin color, the skin can be observed elevations dome in the male organ, the individual greatly, which can lead to a loss of value, moral weakness, and to "act" the force decreases. The fear of ridicule from others will always be with this. Sufficient reason to refrain from falling into sexual acts so different from us that special someone


A woman who had no previous sexual experience might think it's nothing wrong with a penis that is marked with pearly papules. An experienced foreclosure can be overwhelmed by the sight of numerous tiny bumps, not too pleasant and probably not meet their own needs.


While nothing much can be done via PPP immediately to talk a partner and explain in detail about the condition of the person to continue with the romantic relationship is essential. Ask the couple to understand that this is not sexually transmitted and is not something can be infected after sexual contact. Tell him this is just a skin condition which differ due to poor hygiene or occurs associated with sex, but harmless due to an unknown reaction of the body, however. If she really cares to understand, if not, you should go in the ratio of courage


Reasons to treat PPP?


As already mentioned, pearly penile papules may not result in significant physical health problems, but the cause of his ongoing mental anguish. With thoughts that are taken as a lover or husband because of the unsightly appearance of the bumps on his 'manhood' running back of the mind of the person refused, the individual shy away from any form of physical intimacy, until the situation is under control. This skin condition does not go away within a certain period, however, and if the person wants to own, then wait for long. Valuable time is lost watchful waiting can not return, and the status quo to a deterioration of the quality or value is a senseless act. Instead of waiting, it is best for the methods to correct for pearly penile papules and restore normal life to look.


The conventional methods for pearly penile papules cure?


Although not known to completely eradicate prescription is Papules Pearly male organ of a man, some surgical procedures have proven to be effective to get rid of them completely.


A. CO2 laser surgery is Papules firing at high frequency laser. In this method, under human control is directed coherent electromagnetic radiation in the affected areas, allow removal papule. The invisible light is generated by the activation of the oscillation of the carbon dioxide molecules, and if the beam is incident in the bumps, the content of water in the interior is heated to evaporate, and the shrinkage in the process. Seen as this process is tightly able to capillaries, blood vessels and nerve endings, there is very little bleeding enables a quick recovery.


This method is considered the most effective to get rid of pearly penile papules, but it has its own risks. The procedure must be performed by a qualified and looking for a can be tedious. Even for the full effect required the person sitting through this process a few times completely destroy papules.


Second The method comprises the direct surgical removal surgery, in which the transmission of papule performed under general anesthesia. The exposure of healthy tissue around the bumps, injury or destruction remains in this treatment method. This eventually led to the loss of skin elasticity, leading to the healing and restoration.


Third The removal of a device potholes Hyfrecator step involves low current electrical current through the skin tissue of the affected area to burn and dispose of them completely. This is done under anesthesia again and accompanying surgical scrapping the bumps and is required to be done in several sessions to complete the uninstall.


All surgical removal above are quite expensive and can cause some side effects. In addition, the person who asks for sexual abstinence during treatment and recovery.


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