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Patches Of The Body And Forms

Sep 8th 2014 at 2:47 AM

Large white spotsHave you ever noticed the emergence of large white spots on your skin reminds spots lupus Cathy? If so; this may be signs of vitiligo (also known as leprosy), a hereditary skin disease often and usually appears before the age of twenty.The white spots are benign itself, but because they lack the melanin (the substance that gives skin its natural color); are susceptible to solar Bash; then skin cancer.Vitiligo may be early warning signs of disease on the immune tumors of the thyroid gland, especially Graves 'disease and the most common, and roughly one-third of people with Graves' disease and Hashimoto inflammation of the thyroid gland - and both are hereditary - they have those white spots. However issued for vitiligo other directories for Graves' disease after decades of infection.

People with vitiligo and increasingly dangerous infected with various diseases of the eye.And vitiligo - which is believed to be an immune disorder - a sign of other immune disorders as well as Graves' disease as a disease of sugar, and Alobalah anemia (a form of severe anemia), Alopecia aerate, and Addison's disease - a case of deficiency in the adrenal glands.Black and blue marksKnows all of the shock something sharp in his foot or his arm shaped bruise - mark black and blue on the body, which is a blood clot under the skin, usually the hallmark of a benign, a natural result of the rupture of capillaries (small blood vessels) due to wounds and leak blood into the tissue surroundings, and if you press your finger on the bruise will change color.

Sometimes the cause leakage of blood under the skin Tilt great, which is known medically as hematoma, skin also has clump Furthermore Asodadeh or Zeroth.And easy bruising may be a genetic trait, a disturbing indication but the significance of natural aging, Fbtkdm Age eroded thick protective layer of the skin to our bodies, which makes the blood vessels rupture easily.The bruise that appear without physical shock called medically Alverwaria purple, and this, like bruises from blood clots and other bruises considered an indication of the lack of blood in the tissues under the skin, which is also not bleach the color when you press them. The resulting spill blood for some medicines, especially relievers such as aspirin blood clot, and warfarin, and steroids. And increase some herbs and other dietary supplements that have to do with diet, such as ginkgo, ginger, garlic, fish oil, and the chances of a black and blue marks. This show has also bruises on nutrition deficiencies, especially the lack of vitamins (c), and (k), and (12), or folic acid deficiency or Filafinuat closets (a compound found in citrus fruits, and other fruits and vegetables).The bruise or repeated unexplained they signify a warning to some serious diseases, especially cancer of the blood, skin and other signs of leukemia: pallor, fatigue, and shortness of breath during exercise, and recurrent infections, bleeding and idiopathic.

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