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May 26th 2014 at 10:03 PM

Chemical and toxic substances on our plate! Of ROULAS PAPPA-Soulounias know that every time your food cooked in «hi tech» nonstick skillet of your home or in a pan «in» Restaurant 'come' on your plate and 15 toxic chemicals substances (gases and particulate matter) released by thermal decomposition of Teflon, i.e. the non-stick coating of? Indeed, one of these (C8) has been detected in the blood of 96% of U.S. children and other three are so toxic that they can be used as chemical

... weapons. Hyperbole, you say. Yet, studies in animals have shown to be involved in carcinogenesis in the pancreas, liver, breasts and testicles, as well as genital and developmental abnormalities in fetuses. Also, do not be surprised if the canary died suddenly while you cook ... you. Ask .

. the miners, who have always used small birds to warn them of deadly gases released into the bowels of the earth. * Toxic substances heated Teflon enter our body every day with foods that cook in nonstick cookware. Even scientists from the manufacturer acknowledged now that the gases released can cause human diseases,

including one called "polymer fume fever". Possible diseases Teflon is a plastic. Discovered in the 30s by the U.S. chemical company Dupont and used today as in nonstick cookware. The widespread use began from the French "although it is unhealthy" in 1956. Annually produces more than 300 million non-stick cookware.

hazardousness of the famous, now, Teflon was discovered by U.S. environmental organization EWG: Specialists of the organization, made trials in non-stick cookware, testified that a Teflon pan in "eye" of a common cooker reaches 380 degrees within 5 minutes and releases all these toxic substances.

National Toxicology Program of the Department of Health and Human Services U.S. considers tetrafluoroethylene (another substance) as a carcinogen known to cause cancer in human kidney and leukemia, irritation in eyes, nose, throat, heart arrhythmia, pulmonary edema and possibly death.

Behold the us says Professor George C. Biochemistry Biology University of Patras: "The teflon cleaning ovens and pans collection Enlarge develops temperatures 540 degrees and disintegrates in potentially chemical weapons carbonyl fluoride, neurotoxic analog of phosgene gas, which was used as a chemical weapon in both World Wars, and in perfthoroisovoutenio monofthoroaketiko acid .

The last fact is fatal at very low doses: a teaspoon is enough to kill 100 people. " What exactly, though, cause our body toxic substances are served at our table? Based symptoms even scientists Dupont posted workers, the disease is classified as "fever of Polymers" manifested as malaise, and chest tightness, shortness of breath,

headaches, cough and fever of 38-40 degrees. Indeed, often confused with the common flu. production plant, 2 7 pregnant women gave birth to children with defects. Glaring Where is Bucky Bailey, who was born with one nostril and disfigured his face. * Another international study of 11 scientists from 10 countries in 473 residents showed

extensive infection of the blood, with perfthooktanoiko acid-C8 from which the Teflon. That is highly toxic to humans and the environment and was recently confirmed by a study by Professor Scott Maury (Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto).

Substance C8 The highest concentrations of these chemicals were found in residents of the U.S. and Poland, while lower India and underdeveloped Africa. Besides teflon, equally dangerous are the fluorinated telomers of manufactured non-stick wrapping paper and boxes, fabrics, wall hangings, lamps, etc.

Study by Professor A. Bermudez School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri certified the death of pulmonary edema 1,000 poultry exposed to 200 degrees Impact Modifiers bulbs with Teflon coating. In July 2004 the BBC announced that the city Parkersburg in Virginia, the Dupont has its factory, leaked into drinking water toxic

substance C8. After complaints, the company paid $ 300 million in damages but never admitted that this chemical is responsible for the health problems encountered in residential areas. * Most studies on the toxicity and distribution of C-8 in the environment made ​​by the supplier of the Dupont company 3M. since the mid-70s

studies in blood donors and children showed generalized infection of 96% of U.S. citizens in it. The results showed that the body can eliminate them half of that substance should take about four and a half years. Unfortunately the C-8 is highly resistant to the environment and contributes to the further spread of the drinking water in edible vegetables, with final recipient humans.

Already in 2000 the 3M stopped selling it in Dupont to not have the legal entanglements, but still produces for its own use. * Although daily use of Teflon increases and documented scientific research raise objections to public health , official bodies charged with protecting consumers rather complacent. The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, the U.S. found that the quantities of toxic chemicals emitted from heated Teflon had negligible effects on health. In contrast, the Environmental Protection Agency U.S. EPA,

under pressure from unions threatened Dupont with "hefty fine" because no published studies showing the existence of C8 in the blood of pregnant female workers. In Europe In fact, in 2003 he was forced to start specific research on the health effects, recognizing the existence of "significant scientific uncertainties" about its toxicity.

Across the Atlantic, European citizens will remain unprotected from devastating C8, because as we said H. George, "the proposed Law of the European Commission Environment for controlling toxic chemicals excludes this and all other manufactured before 1981. "

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