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Ovarian cancer: "silent killer" threatening sisters

Aug 7th 2014 at 11:03 PM

Ovarian cancer is a cancer of the genital tract is most common in women and often have distant metastases early.Women without children also may have ovarian cancer Images of the developmental stages of ovarian cancer A few recognizable signs of ovarian cancer Ovarian cancer is a cancer of the genital tract is most common in women.

Worldwide, the cancer is ovarian cancer, genital second most common after cervical cancer , and genital cancer is highly fatal second cervical cancer. Ovarian Cancer eggs derived from a malignant tumor was found in the ovaries.

Ovarian cancer is a cancer of the genital tract is most common in women. Ovarian cancer can develop at any age and is often detected late because the disease can not readily apparent. Moreover, the position of the ovaries exposed to the abdomen, so often have distant metastases early. Therefore, this disease is considered "invisible killer" for you. To learn more about this disease,  

9 thing to do in a day sleep deprivation 1
Eating too much, you will feel more tired than. Artwork

Drinking water

Please drink plenty of water because the water is very important for health. And water becomes more important to your health when you are in a state of fatigue and lack of sleep. Please provide enough water to help your body lose water loss.

Even your body can lose water if you're too tired from lack of sleep. drinking coffee to sober work in lack of sleep a day, you need to drink a little coffee. Do not drink a coffee pot, just a few cups only. According to health experts, drinking a few cups of coffee will make you more alert. If you choose to drink coffee, you should uong2 cup is full, otherwise you will feel nausea or restlessness, anxiety. Holidays between now if you do not stay in the body, then stop and rest rest and relax a bit off.

Try working as a day of rest just lack of sleep, your fatigue worse. Please take a moment to walk, set a few simple exercises, stretching muscles, or wash your face with cold water. walk around the workplace as much as possible, in the meantime, you can colleagues can go dig a little self go get a map or some stuff for myself.

Many people think that, in a day nap sleep will do more and more tired body, but the truth is not so. Range 20-25 minute nap will make you feel alert and relaxed to continue working until the end of the day without feeling tired. Taking the sun When you feel sleepy, you should spend some time to walk in the sun. If you can not out of the office, sit next to the window. Sunlight will provide the body with natural herbs make you sober .

Spending time walking under the sun - about 15 minutes - also increases the amount of vitamin D in your body helps reduce fatigue. Relaxation When you lack sleep, the result is continue to work hard, but Do not tense, just relax.

None of these plans work, or any task that requires employees to concentrate on their work in a tense throughout the day, so you concentrate completion of tasks, and then to the mind and body a break. Keep yourself safe Lastly, but most importantly, do you also should be careful. When fatigue and lack of sleep, you do not drive, so she try to carpool or travel by public transport if possible.

Driving while drowsy is extremely dangerous. If you are tired, do not try to do the daily work you do. Trying to work one day a tiring day and lack of sleep is not an easy task, but there are ways to overcome. Eating enough quality, drinking water and staying healthy can help yo

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