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Obesity Is A Curse To The Society

Feb 26th 2015 at 4:16 AM

There are many reasons as to why the people of the modern generation are so fat and plump. The doctors say that:

  1. The increase of the carbon di oxide is decreasing the amount of oxygen in the air. As a result of which the rate of oxidation is lacking. The lack of the oxidation is not producing the adequate amount of energy. The lack of energy is depositing the extra of the fat in the victims. The victims are becoming very fat and plump.
  2. The bad food habits are another reason of contempt. There are the so called fast foods availed anywhere. They have the monosodium glutamate. This monosodium breaks down the normal swallowing system and makes the mouth rugged and rough. This all in turn increase the obesity.
  3. The lack of the physical exercises is a great reason to the arise of fats. Man who stays at home or office for the whole day does not get the scope of exercises there. The whole day at a single position makes him fat.
  4. Some food supplies are important. There are the sites that state the most widely available steroids to buy so that one can choose easily.

Why being obese is wrong?

Obesity causes a lot of problem. Firstly the obese people cannot do a lot of work at a same time. That is they are sloth and they lack the agility that is utmost required by any farm to gain success. Secondly the people who are fat mostly lack the self confidence. They do not have the capacity and the belief on themselves that they can do any task which is assigned to them. Thirdly, these people are reticent and keep to themselves and thus they are in a deficit of friends. The lack of friendship makes them violent and cunning. Lastly but not the least the fat that is accumulated in the body arises various diseases:

  1. The heart disorders are wide spread among the obese people. The chambers and the tracts of the heart inculcate the fat and they become thin for the passage of the blood. Thus the heart block is common.
  2. The blood pressure of these people is very high and thus they are always heated up. This extra temper might cause lot of brain disorders and personality problems.
  3. The weight of the body can give arise to other diseases.

What is the way out?


Leading a regular life is of utmost importance. We are leading an unhealthy life. We are not looking at the fatty nature. We must practice every day. The physical exercise is a must. We may go to the gym or we may eat the food supplements. The main thing is leading a regular life. Thus we must try to be happy and tranquil and lead a life of regularity. Take the note of the most widely available steroids to buy and trace the same.

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