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Noise in the Ears and Head - Thomas Coleman

Feb 3rd 2015 at 10:31 PM

Such symptoms as tinnitus and the head cannot be ignored, even if it appears infrequently. It generally indicates the development of serious vascular disease, cerebral arteries. So, before you start treatment, should be accurate diagnosis and a medical exam.

The noise in my head and laying the ears

The most common cause of this condition - high blood pressure. Hypertensive patients suffer from headaches, ringing in the ears, lay them so that the blood under high pressure passes through the blood vessels, causing a kind of sonic resonance. It captures the inner ear, which is why the feeling that noise in my head.

Treatment of high pressure should take place under medical supervision, since hypertension is fraught with negative consequences for the heart. Usually appointed special preparations for normalization condition and recommended avoiding certain foods and beverages from the diet, for example, strong tea and coffee.

Noise in the ears and head

Simultaneous deafening sound in both ears and head - a sign of migraine attacks. This is called an aura, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2-3 hours. In addition, before the attack sometimes there are quite realistic auditory hallucinations.

Immediately after the appearance of noise in the head and ears should start receiving treatment in a designated drug for migraine (pain medication), take a horizontal position and place the feet at (or slightly above) head.

The noise in my head and ears

If noise bothers only the left or right ear and ringing in my head, should refer to the otolaryngologist. Similar symptoms accompany otitis - inflammation of the inner ear. It can be caused by various infections and viruses, while according to Tinnitus Miracle Review program and eBook the occurrence of upper respiratory tract infections (sinusitis), hypothermia or meningitis.

Therapy in this situation is reduced to eliminate the root causes of tinnitus and head treatment is performed using antibiotic drugs, and the application of local resources (ointments, eye drops, poultices).

Spinning, headache and tinnitus

Rather, these symptoms are associated with blood circulation. This condition occurs when the following factors:

• Head injury with concussion;

• Atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels;

• Auditory nerve disease.

If dizziness provokes vomiting and severe nausea after a fall or blow his head and appears parallel ringing in the ears, you should immediately start treatment concussion.

Atherosclerosis noise in both ears increases closer to the night, accompanied by some deterioration of the vestibular apparatus (bad man standing on his feet). In this case, you should carefully examine the vessels of the brain, for example, using Doppler and then immediately begin therapy of atherosclerosis.

Quilted head and tinnitus

Lack of sleep and constant fatigue usually leads to neurotic states,

Noise in the ears and head which can manifest as symptoms such as feeling of heaviness of the head, the presence of a weak buzzing or hissing in the ears. In addition, stress or depressive syndrome is often accompanied by insomnia and other sleep disorders, which further aggravates the situation.

Cope with this problem by using special drugs, sedatives infusions and decoctions. It is also desirable to select at least one day a week for a rest, try to establish normal day with enough hours of sleep.

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