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Never Too Hungover -Does it Really Works?

Oct 30th 2015 at 4:57 AM

Never Too Hungover In January 201one I was 26 years old and I was sat on a beach, hungover, restless and attempting smoking my eighth cigarette of the day so far. The ocean breeze created it tough to lightweight another cigarette and this pissed me off. As I was sat upright trying to light my cigarette I may feel the rolls of flab around my waist drooping over my swimwear and I did what I'd continuously do and turned my hideous look into a joke; check out my gut I'd say. Individuals would laugh. I would laugh; it was, when all, pretty funny - even if it absolutely was my life.

Never Too Hungover Eventually I'd manage to lightweight the cigarette and at 2pm I'd have my 1st beer of the day. Mmm... beer within the sun with cigarettes and mates - life could not get better. Lunch meant additional booze and dinner meant a few glasses of wine followed by some vodka shots at the club. I was, after all, utterly destroyed. And I loved each minute of it.I did not consider myself an alcoholic and most people in their 20's who drink a heap do not. Why would I? Alcoholics are fifty year old tramps begging for cash in the road with missing teeth and filthy fingers. I worked in 'the media' babes; I would persist lunches with clients and drink gallons of booze however this was networking, relationship building, closing a deal. This wasn't the life of alcoholic; I had all my teeth perfectly intact and I washed myself every day whether or not I did stink of booze most lunch times.

Never Too Hungover But then three weeks once my vacation in January 2 things happened that changed my perspective: Firstly, I was dumped by my then boyfriend once a pair of years with no prior warning, and secondly I had to own a tooth removed. Whilst these a pair of things are seemingly separate events on behalf of me they both struck me where it hurt the most: my ego. I had never been dumped before and I was a vain bitch who attempted to take pride in my appearance. Suddenly I was this loser with a missing tooth who drank and smoke an excessive amount of - to the point where it absolutely was driving people away and creating me ugly.

When obtaining dumped I drank for about a week solid, so abundant therefore that I had to decision into work sick and I felt disgustingly sorry for myself. Never Too Hungover This was simply as Adele's new album was released that meant the diva had already recorded a highly applicable soundtrack on behalf of me to wallow in.The wallowing lasted 1 week. I drank myself to death and smoked enough cigarettes to fully destroy my tastebuds and develop a croak in my voice like Joan Rivers. It wasn't attractive. However one week is all it lasted. Once the week passed, I dragged myself to a occasional shop with a pen and paper and began dissecting and analysing every side of my life - my body, my job, my relationships, my family and my aspirations. When some hours I created my LifePlan; my document that contained all my goals, attenuated into achievable steps.

The LifePlan included quitting cigarettes, scaling down the booze, obtaining a replacement job, rebuilding relationships with relations and realising life-long goals and ambitions.Initial up was the quitting cigarettes. Never Too Hungover bought a replica of Allen Carr's EasyWay to stop Smoking and went completely cold turkey.My workmates at the time were all smokers and while supportive on the skin were secretly hoping I'd have a quick ciggie therefore that they'd feel less dangerous concerning their own vices. Once a while they got used to it and not smoking was not a problem.Next came the biggie: restraining on alcohol. Before I decided to try to to this I did a bit of research on what alcohol was as up until this time I'd never really thought of what I was putting into my body.>>>>>>

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