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Mar 9th 2012 at 11:34 PM

One of my friend's father snoring so loud that even your neighbors complain about a loud, rattling, snoring in your home. Snoring not only reflects your physical health, but sometimes burden to others as well. It is actually a sleep disorder that is caused due to narrow air pipe. When we are awake, the body's muscles are active but once we are asleep, all the muscles relax. This relaxation of the muscles can sometimes become annoying. The muscles of the throat, mouth and nose relax, which further blocks the air tube and converts it into a narrow passage. Therefore, when breathing in or out, the air hits the muscles and makes a rattling sound known as snoring. There are many simple and natural ways to stop snoring, which we will discuss in this article.

Before turning to natural ways to cure snoring, let us first understand the reasons behind snoring. The reason behind the snoring is the narrow air passage. This passage may be blocked due to hereditary factors, losing muscles of the throat, sinusitis, allergies, etc. Apart from this, obese people usually snore because of the grease inside the trachea. It can also be caused by smoking, drug or alcohol, improper sleeping position, etc. These causes may also reflect the health of the person. Snoring is seen more in men than in women, ie 40% of men and only 20% of women snore. This is because men have a narrow air passage compared with women. Now let's go through the natural ways to stop snoring.

How to stop snoring naturally?

 STOP SNORING EXERCISE PROGRAMSnoring can be very annoying to your partner. Not only can spoil his / her dream, but the lack of sleep can also harm your health. Therefore, it is important to know about treatments and remedies on how to STOP SNORING EXERCISE PROGRAM during sleep. There are many natural ways to cure snoring, which are simple and very effective. There are also medical treatments, but it is always better if you go for natural treatments instead of medical. Here are some natural ways to stop snoring.

Control your weight
Obesity leads to many problems and sleep disorders is one of them. Snoring is very common in obese people as it is caused due to accumulation of excess fat inside the airways. If the weight is not controlled in time, can still take time to complete blockage of the air pipe. To get rid of snoring change to healthy choices to lose weight.

Increasing the height of the pillow
When we are asleep, due to the gravitational attraction, the tongue falls back inside the throat that obstructs the airway. This results in snoring. Therefore, in these cases to maintain a pillow beneath the head or you increase the height of the pillow. This will prevent your tongue from blocking the airway. Do not increase your pillow too, because you can stretch the muscles of the throat and again you will end up snoring.

Sleep on your side
Here also the language plays the role of an obstruction. When we sleep in the back of the tongue tends to fall backward due to gravitational attraction. Therefore, it is advisable to sleep on your side so that the tongue to fall backward. Thus, from the next time you see your partner's snoring, snoring using this remedy and will only ask you sleep on your side.

Clean the nostrils
Sinus infection and allergies can cause nasal congestion. This congestion can be cured with a drop of salt water or a humidifier. Do not forget to put a drop of saline or room humidifier use before bedtime. It is one of the best ways to stop snoring naturally. Not only give you a welcome respite, but also make your bed partner happy.

Other forms of
Avoid drinking alcohol, sedatives and snuff and will also be snoring. Some also go for acupuncture treatments to deal with snoring. There are many homeopathic and herbal ways to STOP SNORING EXERCISE PROGRAM, which are very effective and safe. Melatrol is one of the forms of life to stop snoring.

Considering above were some of the natural ways to stop snoring. If still not satisfied with the natural forms and do not want to get results then seek medical advice. Take a right treatment in time and give your family a peaceful sleep.

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