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Natural ways that Boost the female fertility

Aug 18th 2014 at 4:20 AM

Still, you are unable to get pregnant after a long unprotected sexual relationship. It may be possible that you are dealing with the infertility problem.  Women have higher risk of infertility as compare to men because risk factors are many. But recovery is possible naturally, just need to change lifestyle and have concentrate on the fertility diet. Fertility diet is considered as a combination of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

Healthy Ways to increase female fertility

Switch your Diet

Diet is playing an important role in your life; you can enhance the chances of fertility by including fertility-boosters foods. It is observed that diet can help you to recover from the infertility and boost your overall health. Women, who are switching their diet with the healthy diet, are less experience the infertility as compare to other women. You may decrease the risk of infertility almost 80 % by consuming healthy eatables which are rich source of vitamins, zinc, nutrients and antioxidants.

Benefits of switching to fertility diet

Healthy eatable foods increase the nutrition values.

Fertility diet included the vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant, which are very important for the reproductive health.

Lower the risk of infertility and improve the reproductive health.

Increase the energy level and boost the immune system health.

Decrease the risk of hormonal imbalance and control the cholesterol level.

Add more Vitamins and Nutrients

Multivitamin rich diet always minimizes the risk of infertility in both genders. Eatables, which are rich in multivitamins helps women to create healthy eggs in women and sperm in men. A diet which contains less nutrition value may contribute irregular menstrual cycles, ovulation disorders, hormonal imbalance and miscarriage in women. In addition, unhealthy egg and low sperm count problems are occurred due to the nutritional deficiencies in both genders.

Facts about infertility due to the deficiency of nutrients

Causes for ovulation to stop are associated with the deficiency of iron, vitamins B12 and B6.

Zinc is very important for the creation of sperm and its quality in men.

Both Vitamin C and Vitamin E improve the hormonal health and protect the sperm along with egg DNA integrity.

Multivitamins rich foods are improving the reproductive health in both genders and reduce the risk of infertility. 

Herbs that treat infertility

Maca is an important root that balances the hormone levels and contains the various minerals along with phytonutrients. Moreover, maca root nourish the overall endocrine system including pituitary and thyroid glands. Maca is natural herb that improves the fertility in both men and women.

Spirulina is a well known as blue-green algae which contain highest amount of quality protein. In addition, Royal jelly is rich source of amino acid, vitamins and fatty acids which are important for the female fertility.

Switch to Healthy lifestyle

Women who are addicted of smoking may struggle to conceive after a prolonged unprotected sexual relationship. Avoid excessive drinking, because it may enhance the risk of birth defects during pregnancy or miscarriage.

Practicing yoga and breathing exercises regularly increase the fertility and improve the function of reproductive organs.

Super foods for fertility

Here are the lists of super foods that prevent the risk of female infertility such as eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits, Veggies, dark green leaves vegetables etc.

Infertility can be experienced by women due to the sexual dysfunction, so treat sexual dysfunction with the help of online Lovegra and may consult with physician before its use.


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