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I'm a natural health educator and consultant, and I help people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired restore their health so they can feel great and get on with their lives. I also love being creative, spending time with my family (especially my grandkids!), reading, gardening, and learning!
Terry Honeyman | TerryHoneyman
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Natural Remedies for Your "Back to school" Medicine Chest

Aug 25th 2010 at 6:30 PM
08/10/10 Terry Honeyman    Another school year has started (or is about to), and it's time to get back into the groove ...     But there is one thing I'd like you to consider doing differently this year: if I could show you evidence (and I can) of the effectiveness of natural remedies in handling all the "stuff" families deal with (colds, flu, pink eye, sore throats, belly aches, and much more), would you want to try them?  Especially if you knew:
  • they address and correct what's causing the illness rather than just suppressing or masking the symptoms
  • they don't build up toxic residue in your family's livers
  • many are more effective than the antibiotics you and your family take 
  • they have no side effects (except for positive ones!) 
  • they discern between the good and bad intestinal bacteria and kill only the bad
  • they're completely safe
  • they actually help to nourish your body 
  • With that said, I invite you to start a natural remedy medicine chest for your family (I guarantee it will save you some trips to the doctor's office).  Here's what I'd start out with - especially if you're on a budget:

    • Silver Shield (comes in liquid and gel).  It kills bacteria, viruses and mold ... I'd say that's about as broad-spectrum as you can get!  In plain English, here's what it does ... it wipes out:
        • pink eye
        • strep throat
        • staph
        • pneumonia
        • salmonella
        • dysentry
        • kills yeast overgrowth
        • helps with wound healing
        • disinfectant

    Plus a whole lot more! It's pretty amazing stuff.  You can read more about it here.

    • Next (or as you can afford it), you can add a few essential oils.  These are a few I wouldn't be without:

    In additionto essential oils being great to handle all kinds of common health issues, they've also been proven to help kids who have been "diagnosed" with ADD/ADHD. Their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier helps these kids concentrate and stay focused.  Read more about that in my next article (below) ADD/ADHD Alternatives to Meds

    You can find out more about the uses and applications of essential oils at my Young Living website, or at at my Natural Remedy Alternatives site.
    • Last but not least, Eat nutritionally-rich food!   You've heard it before, and you're about to hear it again! - (it's the "Grammy" coming out in me!) ... get some good nutrition into your family!  See the Sunshine Heroes segment below for more on that.
    These things should set up your natural remedy medicine chest pretty well - and, as I said before, prevent a few trips to the doctor's office!     If you have any questions or concerns, contact me and I'll respond as quickly as possible.  Or, if you'd like help getting on a program specific to your body's needs, you can schedule a consultation.  Learn more about my consultations here.
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