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Natural Remedies for Leaky Guts

Nov 6th 2015 at 1:27 AM

Leaky gut is a very dangerous disease that is usually not determined by doctors. This is a condition that causes severe inflammation or swelling of the intestinal tract. This will result to damage in your abdominal coating. This will not let your body be able to digest food properly. Then those undigested food will nourish the bacteria in your body that will often result to heartburn, diarrhea, constipation and bloating.

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If this condition is left unattended it could even lead to a more dangerous condition to your body.

How to know if you have leaky gut

Since doctors sometimes find it so challenging to detect leaky gut there are some that uses online test to guide them if they have something to worry about. The leaky gut syndrome quiz is the most common form of method that people use which actually helped them in determining this condition. Once you are sure that you have developed leaky gut it is important that you start on doing some lifestyle changes to help you cure this condition and avoid it from getting worst.

So make sure that you answer all the questions truthfully and find out what are the different foods that you need to stay away from. Usually you need to avoid acidic and starchy food.

Herbal remedies

There is really no known medication for leaky gut but there are some herbal remedies that you can consider on using. You can try drinking peppermint tea. This can help in making you feel better especially if you have any stomach problem that includes leaky gut. Since tea has the capacity to kill the bacteria that will most likely give you problems in your intestine.

There is also chamomile tea that aids in removing the pain that you feel once the symptoms of having leaky guts starts. You also need to consider on doing some lifestyle changes such as eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. You also need to consider on starting a simple exercise routine that would help you have a healthy body. Once you have learnt the different food that you need to avoid in taking immediately you can easily avoid suffering the different possible symptoms of leaky gut.

Just make sure that you know all the important information about leaky gut and find out how you can avoid it if you still don’t have one. Your smart choices in your food selection and also your daily activity can really protect you in the future.

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