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MythBusters about hair you should certainly be aware of

Dec 4th 2019 at 12:37 AM

Hair is a natural crown on the head which enhances your appearance. These thick black locks not only add beauty to you, but they also provide warmth to the head. Everyone yearns for lustrous, wavy, and flowing hair. Everyone longs for those shiny, soft locks. And, everyone wants to make their hair look better than yesterday.

But, in the process of making your hair better, you might have been going hard on it by believing in certain myths which do more harm to your hair than any good. These myths might end up damaging your hair rather than repairing it. So, it is high time to stop following these myths.

Below is the list of certain myths and the realities that confront them.

Myth 1: Brushing your hair frequently makes it healthier

Fact: This is by far the most commonly heard myth. But, in reality, excessive brushing increases the friction in the roots and strip the roots off its natural oils. It also damages the cuticles and the protective layer of the hair which eventually leads to hair fall.

Instead, brush your hair moderately to equally distribute the oils all over the head and to make it tangle free. Also, make sure to use a wide-toothed comb with soft bristles.

Myth 2: Trimming your hair habitually will make it grow faster

Fact: Trimming your hair doesn’t stimulate hair growth. Instead, it gives a sense of satisfaction to you that it is looking fuller and healthier. This is because the split ends are all chopped off and the frizzy hair is all gone by now.

The science behind the hair growth is that, the length and the thickness of your hair is decided by the hair follicles. So, merely cutting the ends doesn’t have any impact on your follicles. Hair specialists usually recommend trimming the hair once in 6 to 8 weeks, to get rid of the split ends. Hair can rather be grown well by treating it inside out. Listed below are few tips which augment your hair growth.

  • Consume vitamin rich food
  • Oil your hair regularly
  • Apply hair masks
  • Get frequent head massages to improve the blood circulation
  • Stay hydrated
  • Enjoy eating your greens
  • Cut down your stress levels

Myth 3: Plucking out your grey hair will cause them to grow more

Fact: This common myth makes most people to let the grey hair stay on their head. But, pulling one grey hair doesn’t make the other silver strands grow back mysteriously.

Let us see why? Each hair follicle is individual and doesn’t have any impact on the growth of the other hair follicles. If you pull the grey hair, the new hair that sprouts may more likely be less grey, because the melanin that gives colour to your hair varies from hair to hair. So, plucking grey hair is not as harmful as it is believed.

Myth 4: Shampoo that gives more froth cleanses hair better

Fact: This myth persists even till date. And based on the popular belief on this myth, there are shampoo companies which are focusing more on the ingredients that give huge amount of lather while washing the hair, than on the ingredients that aid in cleaning the hair better.

It is wiser to choose mild shampoos that have less chemicals, parabens, and are sulfate-free for better results.


Myth 5: Oils are a big-no if your hair is greasy

Fact: Oiling the hair in this modern era may look like an old-school method and is often ignored. But oil acts as nourishment to the hair. Oil, when massaged well, penetrates the skin and strengthens the tissues. It conditions the hair from within and revitalizes it. So, it is essential to oil your hair often to give your hair the natural shiny look.

And to reap maximum benefits from oiling the hair, warm the oil before applying it to the hair.


In general, everyone has its own hair thickness, texture, and colour. The hair growth also varies from person to person depending on the environmental conditions, the diet they follow, and other factors like genetics and health issues. So, if you have any hair concerns, instead of following someone blindly, it is advisable to talk to a trichologist to get personalized suggestions and use doctor prescribed hair care products.


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