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Multiple sclerosis – what problems patients come across?

Sep 11th 2015 at 5:23 AM

Multiple Sclerosis is hypothesized to be an autoimmune disorder primarily affecting the central nervous system – CNS. The system consists of spinal cord, brain, and optic nerves. Fatty tissue layer called myelin surrounds and protects the nerve fibres of the CNS, which aids in electric impulse conduction by nerve fibres. MS causes loss of myelin in multiple areas and leaves behind scar tissues, which are known as sclerosis. The damaged areas are called lesions or plaques. With the damage getting extensive, nerve fibres also get damaged or broken.

A layer of myelin acts as a protective sheath of nerve fibres and makes their job possible. With the myelin getting damaged, the nerve fibres get damaged and lose their ability to conduct electrical impulses to and from the brain. This disruption of electrical impulse conduction produces various symptoms:

· Heat sensitivity

· Partial or complete paralysis (in severe cases only)

· Weak muscles

· Changes in sensation (hypoesthesia)

· Abnormal muscle spasms

· Difficulty in movement

· Cognitive impairment

· Fatigue and acute or chronic pain syndromes

· Difficulties with coordination and balance (ataxia)

· Mood swings

· Problems in speech (dysarthria) as well as swallowing (dysphagia)

· Visual problems including blurred vision, involuntary rapid eye movement (optic neuritis, nystagmus, or diplopia)

· Bowel or bladder related problems

· Problems with sexual function

· Increased susceptibility to clinical depression

· Cognitive disorders like, problems with memory, reasoning or judgment

Multiple sclerosis treatments

The disease is still a pressure for researchers as they are still looking for some permanent cure. However, some treatment solutions are available to relieve symptoms and decrease the number of relapses that patients may have.

For mild symptoms, treatments are required when a relapse is experienced. Visiting a doctor on time can get relief. Overall treatment procedure can be put into three basic categories:

· Treatment plans to diminish the number of relapses (such as disease-modifying medicines)
· Treatment for relapses of frequent MS symptoms (with steroids)
· Treatment for specific MS symptoms, in severe cases as well as mild

Treatment should start as early as possible:

If a person is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, then immediate treatment is suggested. The healthcare should be consulted as soon as possible. This is because some studies suggest that the disease cause more damage in its first year than in later years. So early beginning of treatment is the key to reduce damage and live a productive life.

Natural treatment options

There are natural products for multiple sclerosis treatment such as cannabis or med marijuana, which have been known to alleviate symptoms of the disease. However, the treatment should begin only with an expert’s advice.

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