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Most summer fitness badminton

Jul 20th 2014 at 7:31 PM

Green lawn, a couple of rackets and shuttlecock - badminton remains the cheapest and most popular sport. The more that learn to play badminton passable in just two to three hours! Basic rules, game tips and tricks equipment - in our material.

"Flying Feather"

Badminton - one of the ancient games. Six centuries ago, the Japanese played in wooden rackets

"). It has long been fond of flounce and Russia. This is evidenced by vintage prints and classic literature. "The entrance" - so aptly dubbed Russian game of shuttlecock.

Beginning of modern badminton accepted considered in 1872. Badminton originated in a small English town called racquetball, that a hundred kilometers from London. Duke of Beaufort returned from India to his estate, and with spices and precious articles of ivory brought racket and ball with feathers.
By the way

When you jog at a speed of about 18 kilometers per hour burned 1280 calories . Per hour cycling consumes about 400 calories, swimming in the pool - 500 calories. Playing tennis burns 400 calories per hour, play badminton - about 370 calories.

Fundamental rules

Meaning badminton understand everything: throwing the shuttle over the net. But this is the official version. In the "people" do not have badminton nets - you can play absolutely anywhere, so long under his feet was smooth surface!

But if you want to arrange a "everything is fair" and hit friends compliance with the rules, then you should know that the game starts 0-0 and can last three games. It all begins with the filing - server and receiver occupy their right "even" field that is becoming diagonally.

At 1-0 server and receiver are moving to an odd half court. Takes the player who wins the point, but from the left box in the left margin of the enemy. At the end of the set, when one of the first players gaining maximum points - 21 competing change ends. If at the end of two sets of score becomes 1-1, the players continue to dispute in the third set. Since fighting draw in badminton is impossible, the strongest wins.


Of course, we must first take care of the gear. It is important to choose the right racket. Skilled craftsmen say Racket - extension of the hand, if it is familiar and comfortable. Today, the Chinese industry has mastered the production of sports products sports leading developers of the planet, including badminton rackets Japanese company Yonex. That don? T-shirt, shorts (or skirt) and certainly athletic footwear.

First of all, we must learn how to hold the racket. Watching the game note: most of the players before serving keep the shuttlecock in the left hand and grip the handle of the racket as if holding a small tourist hatchet. Badminton racket, light, elegant, do not compress much in hand, performing all the hits in the same snap.

Not strength, and cunning

So feed - pass, but not all, and the "bottom side". Movement reminds stroke oar. Stance - feet "open" on the right foot behind the left. Right knee bent and legs slightly springy. When submitting pull the hand with a flounce on about the torso. And in your face shuttlecock flies. It is necessary to kick. Right, left, top or bottom - despite what the feed: short, high or flat. Clarity, precision, and ... cat trick!

Former world champion Indonesian Ferry Sonnevilli our badminton once said: "Playing with a flounce requires not so much the force of impact, much ingenuity. Each stroke should be laid "trap" for the enemy. It is necessary to make false backswing, distracting movements of the head, torso and legs. And even eyes badminton can help him outwit the opponent. Before serving, look in one corner, and themselves send the ball into the other. " It is no coincidence the masters appears feline grace in his movements.   

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