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Most important presentation and a sign of heart disease

Mar 27th 2014 at 10:29 PM

There are a number of signs that could identify them to heart disease, as illustrated by a professor of the National Heart Institute's heart, as follows: Malaise Lead to cardiac stroke feeling, intensely upset and fear, and describes a lot of people who survived the attack clots feelings, what happened to them a few words, but expressive, where they say they felt "near the end. bv cures review Pain in the chest This is a matter of the most appearances or signs that force people to go to the cardiologist, but chest pain can also result from breathing difficulties or because of problems in the spine and in the lung. Explains specialists that the pain caused by cardiac problems often concentrated in the middle of the chest with a tendency toward the shoulder or left arm, and feel the presence of infected pressure and heartburn Cough Cough indicates that it takes a long time or a feeling of suffocation from clear benchmarks for the failure of the heart because when the heart is not working properly leads to accumulation of fluid in the lungs, and thus the occurrence of these problems. Dizziness Can someone who suffers from dizziness or rotation of the head with the occurrence of loss of consciousness short to be infected with disease, cardiac arrhythmia, which means that it is threatened with exposure to sudden death. Fatigue The feeling of the first manifestations of chronic fatigue and possibly only appearance to start the work of heart failure, especially in women, and therefore In the absence of a compelling reason for this feeling tired prefer to visit a specialist doctor.
Vomiting and lack of appetite Accompanied by feeling the need to vomit mostly during exposure to stroke and heart attack can also be in the event of an accumulation of fluid in the abdominal area during the work of the heart failure, abdominal pain, lack of appetite to eat. Pain in other parts of the body You do not have to feel the stroke patient cardiac chest pain only, because it happens in a lot of cases, with some pain in the shoulder and hands and in the lower part of the back or in the neck. Pulse fast or irregular Is not considered an acceleration or disruption in heart rhythm that is earnest, but that this happens frequently and link it to feel tired or need to puke, it means that human life is threatened, either because of a failure in the work of the heart, or because of an irregular heartbeat. Difficulty in breathing Appeared in breathing difficulties in doing hard physical limited mostly in people with mental illness such as asthma, but the emergence of this problematic despite the lack of respiratory infections is also indicative of the presence of heart disease. Race The race, which solves the sudden without a justifiable reason signs that the incidence of stroke, heart attack, For More Information
which can happen sometimes when a man sitting in the seat, and suddenly feels heavy with sweat, and ended like a few minutes before participating in a marathon to run. Swelling of the legs body Fluid collects in the body usually starts when the failure of the heart, which can be for him to cause tumors in man or hand, or going on a gathering of fluid in the abdominal area, which leads to a reduction in the appetite to eat, and the indicators that indicate the possibility of stroke cardiac sudden increase in weight. General weakness People suffered mostly in a few days or a few hours of stroke attacks, feeling weak in not finding him a clear explanation.

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