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More False Statements That Have Been Made For Agility

Mar 31st 2014 at 12:48 AM

Because of our desire for unbridled about weight loss, we become in the case of a continuing search and more receptive to hearing advice of others in how to burn calories quickly, to carry out what is being said without being aware that some of these statements agility inherited from wrong!

For this review with you the most important false statements that are being said to lose excess weight quickly.

Eat dinner before eight o'clock in the evening

Usually nutrition experts advise you should not eat dinner after eight o'clock in the evening and some prefer the seventh!

Since eating late in the day can be difficult to digest, and then stored fat within the body, and then followed by an increase in weight. But the truth in this argument is the need to eat a meal before bedtime by about 3 to 4 hours, meaning if your bedtime at 11, then eat on time of 8 would be acceptable, but if you are an amateur iPod can later be delayed somewhat. The most important thing, is to eat a light easy to digest, it does not mean eating at the exact time that what is not true at all.

Carbohydrates enemy Fitness

This statement is totally untrue, several types, including simple and compound fiber, and consensus on the damage all carbohydrates in general is very wrong. The body needs carbohydrates cannot be overlooked in general from your diet us, but how to choose carbohydrates appropriate here lies the point, you should avoid eating gluten, which is the material basis of proteins found in wheat flour which made him baked goods, and eat flour or bread made with full love, You can also eat potatoes and sweetened quinoa It contains carbohydrates beneficial to the body.

Look for foods low calorie ready-made
Where there are supermarkets in many foods coated, which sold it a few meals calories, certainly bought and ingested it thinking your way to leaner, but unfortunately they are not as well!

Perhaps they contain fewer calories, but they lack the values of the food needed by the body, other than that it contains any quantity of the sodium salt with industrial components used in their preparation, making it unhealthy, contrary to what some people think!

Stay away from fat!
That argument is the mouthpiece of the argument carbohydrates, it cannot restrict fat all in one box and prevent dealt with in general. Some fat is important and necessary addressed to nourish the body, such as fat in the avocado fruit, they are grainy fat along with it make you feel full for a longer period during the day, but as is the case for all the foods you should eat fat in reasonable quantities be dangerous to trim.

A lot of drinking water to lose excess weight
We all heard a journey weight loss that a lot of drinking water is very important for weight loss, but do not you know that it is not an absolute requirement, so you should not exaggerate the drinking water while eating, because, unfortunately, is working to make the process of digestion difficult.

Dispensing meal helps you lose weight
The worst of what was said about weight loss; the omission of a meal of main meals makes you choose the worst foods supplied calories exaggerated.

Better than drinking vegetable addressed
Some advised for vegetables in the minutes of the food and ingested a drink, much better addressed with a spoon, because the cooking loses vegetables some of its nutritional value, but not the image disturbing, and that eating vegetables whipped are easier to digest, especially with people who do not chew the food well. Eighth argument: exercise gives you a license to eat what food.

Certainly the balance required in all things, this cannot be the ratification of this word, you have to eat healthy, balanced and exercise on a regular basis.

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