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Mistakes, treatment and cure for wrinkles and hide wrinkles around neck

May 15th 2014 at 12:05 AM

If the doctor made a mistake or there is any problem in the nerve VII what happens? Lip generally be closed, but when you speak or laugh note the fall in the lower lip and of course to speak because it pulls the other area we experience the sensation.  Is there a cure for it? Nerve his seventh branches of many related and what is happening problem in Branch assisted by another branch and after three months improved naturally without any drugs or surgery because surgery in this case to be very difficult because the branches of a very high and in order to find a place nerve this process is not easy.  Whenever graduated sick from the hospital? If the operation is small muscle moderation graduated on the same day but if a face lift and neck together, they come out sick the next day.  What to do after they leave the hospital? What is Cellulite?

Wears diseased some ligaments or Corsets to put pressure on this area in order to reduce the swelling and reduces bruises but we are trying to restore the patient to normal life and so are not affected by the psychological state, but the problem here in the swelling and bruising, some cosmetic surgery where there is some bruising be caused by some of the blood clots and the body absorbed after about two weeks, but the swelling shall continue for a longer period ie during the month of about 60% -70% of these swellings disappear, and will not continue for more than three months to recover completely.  Does the patient in the recovery period of any drugs or put any creams? Medications are an antibiotics and antihistamines pain and covered for a period of 5 days to a week after that deals with anti-swelling in order to accelerate the demise of the swelling, with the exception that there is not anything.  What is the right age for the work of these surgeries?

There is no age for example, if there are young girl was suffering from obesity and lost a lot of weight will have a slouch in the skin of her neck could make her operation.  Are there any contraindications for non-surgical procedure such as sick sugar - the heart - blood thinners? Any operation carried out by the patient must be carried out some tests before made, as well as cosmetic surgery, sugar does not constitute a any problem if the sugar as good as it disappears as the wound naturally.  Diseased heart constitutes a problem for the anesthesiologist, if there is a possibility to numb the sound we are conducting the operation but if he cannot will we make. Either blood thinners we will look for a reason if dealing with aspirin or anticoagulants this is a big problem, it should cease to be addressed before the operation a week or ten days. If it is dangerous to stop taking them we cannot perform the surgery.

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