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Migraine: Symptoms, treatment and complications

Jun 28th 2015 at 11:35 PM

Migraine is a chronic illness characterized by moderate to severe headaches, recurrent. Some people have 1-2 episodes of headache per year, while other people that are affected by headaches several times a month, perhaps even daily. They are usually associated with other symptoms (nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or noise). In general they are aggravated by physical activity or determine avoid physical activity. It is the most common cause for severe headaches - about 20% of women and 6% of men are affected.

The onset is often in adolescence or childhood, met with maximum prevalence in people between 25 and 55 years. After 55 years frequency of attacks decreases, especially in women. The headache that begins in childhood is common migraine. The most common form is common migraine (without aura).

Three-quarters of those affected have this type of migraine. Only 10% of those affected have migraine with aura and 20% have both. More rarely appears only aura without headache, especially in older people.

Aura is the neurological symptoms that occur with 10-60 minutes prior headache, often expressed through visual phenomena occurring in both eyes - black spots, gray, tremor image flashes, colored lines, or sensory phenomena - needles, pins and needles, numbness in fingers appearing first and then spread to the whole arm and face. - hemiplegic migraine familial hemiplegic migraine and sporadic .

If a close relative has the same suffering is about familial form. - basilar migraine where headache is accompanied by speech disorder, vertigo, ringing in the ears, double vision, impaired consciousness. - Retinal Migraine: visual symptoms occurring in a one eye (aura symptoms occur in both eyes), in the absence of eye diseases. - child's periodic syndromes that are commonly associated with the development of migraine in adolescents and young adults, which include cyclical vomiting (occasional periods, intense vomiting), abdominal migraine (usually recurrent abdominal pain accompanied by nausea), and benign paroxysmal vertigo of the Child ( recurrent episodes of vertigo).

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