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Merkaba Meditation: Your Common Questions Answered Simply!

Aug 10th 2015 at 2:30 AM

Meditation can decrease stress level and treat depression naturally. It can normalize pulse rate, lower blood pressure, control hormones and many more. There are a number of meditation forms; the one that is gaining a lot of interests, and popularity today is merkaba meditation because it is known as a healing meditation form.

What is merkaba meditation?

MerKaBa meditation means Mer for light, Ka for spirit and Ba for body. It is extremely complicated and difficult meditation form that is known to significantly increase the body's healing power. It is anchored on the principle that our spirit and body is surrounded by rotating fields of light that helps transport the spirit and body from one dimension of the self to another. It is believed that the energies surrounding our spirit and body decreases due to pollution of the mind, body and spirit that is why many are not aware of the beauty of the universe and not enjoying robust health.

Through following the systematic breathing process, you will expand the light 55 feet outside of your body's core and achieve balance of your seven chakras (root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, brow and head chakras).

The goal of merkaba meditation is to re-establish and control the movement of energies within and surrounding your body. By following a systematic breathing exercise and body position, you can focus your energies and touch the star. Hence, you will connect with your higher self, achieve spiritual balance and enjoy improved health.

How is merkaba meditation performed?

Merkaba meditation has 18 breaths throughout one session. In the first seven breaths, you will balance the polarity of your chakras. In the 8th to 14th breaths, you will allow energy to flow through your body. The remaining breaths will help you shift consciousness, reach the third and fourth dimensions of yourself and finally re-activate the rotating merkaba within your body so that it will expand 55 feet outside of your body.

The first thing to do is to sit in a lotus position and to perform the yogic breathing. You can research in YouTube what are the mundras so that you will be guided. This type of breathing requires you to breathe in from the stomach, diaphragm and chest and to exhale by holding your chest, relaxing the stomach and releasing air gradually. The inhaling and exhaling should take seven seconds each.

Is merkaba meditation too difficult for those who are neophytes in meditation?

Merkaba meditation needs more time to master compared to other meditation forms. However, it is not the monopoly of professionals. For many,it would take a number of sessions to master the 1-8 breaths before they can proceed to the next breaths; if there is perseverance and commitment it would not take a very long time to master it. For total mastery, merkaba meditation should be embraced as a discipline and a lifestyle.

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