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Meditation for Better Sexual Health

Sep 26th 2014 at 1:38 AM

Meditation is often considered as the way to cool your mind and have a stronger inner-self. Some people may meditate with the focus of having better sleep and psychological functioning. However, benefits of meditation does not limit here. One of the most significant benefits of doing meditation regularly is enhanced sexual health. Meditation can bring- on positive changes in your sexual life and attractiveness.

When it comes to meditation, many people do it for attaining psychological benefits such as enhanced intellect, peaceful mental state, better inner-self, etc. Most people are not aware of other benefits of meditation and one of these advantages is better sexual health. There are many ways to meditate for example, reflective meditation, heart-centred meditation, creative meditation, etc. The kind of meditation that is said to be beneficial on your sexual health is Mindfulness meditation. One thing that should be remembered while adopting any of these exercises is that it is not a one-time practice. In fact, it should be incorporated in your daily schedule and performed on regular basis for better results and lasting results.

Meditation- The connection of Mind and Body:

It is obvious that mind is connected to the body intimately. Meditation does not only influence your mind but also has a significant positive influence on the body. Body works based on instructions from the mind and thus controlling your mind can help you control your body. Meditation can effectively reduce stress as it truncates the level of stress hormones and cortisol in the body. The practice also increases the level of endorphins which is said to be the ‘feel good’ hormone. Such enhancement of the mental state contributes to better sexual performance.

How to meditate?

1. You should first choose a quiet place where no one should disturb you. The practice of meditation should be done regularly as it will have better effects.

2. You should meditate at the same place and every day, on the same time. Though, this is not necessary, it may turn into a routine and overtime it will help you slip in deeper state of meditation easily.

3. In the beginning you can meditate for shorter period such as 5 to 10 minutes. However, you should aim to meditate for around 20 to 30 minutes.

4. Ensure comfort irrespective of the position whether you are seated on a chair or in lotus position. However, getting too comfortable such as lying down may make you feel sleepy.

5. While you start your session of meditation be gentle and slow, and decide whether you are comfortable with closed eyes or open eye meditation.

6. Start breathing slowing and focus on your breathe. Empty your mind of any thought or cluster of thoughts and ensure that you are focusing only on breathing.

How meditation influences sexual health?

The key for better sexual abilities and health is to ensure good health and thus meditation works better when used in adjunct with other healthy measures such as quitting unhealthy habits, regularly exercising and following a healthy diet. While having sex with your partner you need to be focused on him/her; a diverted mind will affect the performance and pleasure of sexual intercourse. With meditation you will not only have enhanced abilities but better concentration and focus.

1. Feel Good Factor: According to a study it is determined that meditation causes release of endorphins in the body which makes you feel good and reduce issues such as chronic stress, depression, anxiousness and anger, etc. Thus regularly meditating will keep you happy and when one feels good he/she is more interested in sexually intercourse.

2. Focused and de-stressed lovemaking session: One of the competent ways to improve your sexual desire is to enhance your focus and concentration. Fortifying your focus through meditation will help in controlling your mind from unwanted wandering to thoughts of things that are pending, that makes you tensed, which makes you worried, etc. These thoughts usually affect your libido and make you less interested in sex.

3. Meditation releases DHEA naturally in the body: It is recorded that meditation naturally boosts the level of DHEA. DHEA is said to be beneficial as it enhances the mental as well as emotional state of human. Since, meditation increases DHEA in the body it obviously helps in maintaining your sexual desire. DHEA also increases the sex drive by making testosterone level normal.

4. Enhanced blood flow: Most sexual maladies are also caused due to hindered blood circulation, may it be Erectile Dysfunction, Premature ejaculation or any kind of female sexual issue. It is recorded that meditation enhances blood circulation in the body and improved circulation of blood can help in rectifying these issues.

There are various other benefits of meditation. But it should be remembered that meditating for a few days will not have significant effects. In order to gain best benefits of the practice, it should be followed as your daily routine.

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