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Medicinal Properties of Melon

Aug 4th 2014 at 12:13 AM

A unique product. Its main advantage - self-sufficiency: a melon can and should be there by itself, without any spices and additives. You will enjoy the magical flavor and aroma, and meanwhile, your skin will look younger and smooth out, hair and nails - strengthen.

Try to understand. Silicon has beneficial effects on skin and hair, the iron is useful for cardiovascular system (and in its melon, incidentally, is 17 times greater than in milk, and 3-fold higher than in the fish), vitamin C strengthens the nervous system and enhances immunity . Beta-carotene (a melon in it, even more than in carrots!)

Gives us noble peach skin tone, making it smooth. Substance with a strange name "inositol" promotes hair growth and makes them thicker. Folic acid is extremely useful for the nervous system - it is responsible for emotional balance and a good mood.

A magnesium is very useful for the heart muscle. But the most surprising in melon - this is probably the gold. Of course, it is not such that we carry on itself in the form of rings and chains, but nevertheless.

Medicinal properties have long been known melon. Another great Avicenna used in his practice melon pulp, seeds, and even peel. In modern medicine melon mainly used for bowel cleansing (melon flesh has a pronounced laxative effect), which, incidentally, helps in the fight against obesity. The main rule - eating melon fasting.

In order to reduce weight is also useful melon juice combined with apple and tomato (in the ratio 1:2:1). In the gloomy rainy days melon can be a cure for the blues - it really reduces fatigue, anxiety and improves mood. But melon can not only eat. Proponents of the popular treatments made from melon lotions, compresses, drops, and even rinsing bath!

Bath prepared as follows: a warm, but not hot water (36-37 ° C), poured a glass of papaya juice, put chopped into pieces melon or melon rind. It is believed that such a bath can help relieve allergy attack. Compress on the chest of the melon pulp relieves bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma attacks.

Melon melon pulp and peel recommend applying to abscesses and bruises - is that then they will be faster. Melon juice also considered curative. It helps with colds, urolithiasis (advised to drink melon juice with parsley broth) and expels worms from the body (advised to take 1 glass of juice in the morning on an empty stomach).

How to eat a melon? The main rule - there's only melon. Do not think that we urge you to abandon the rest of the products. The fact that the melon - the product is heavy (just because of the fiber, which causes relaxation of the intestine)

, it is in itself - a serious burden on the body. So mix it with something else, especially with alcohol and dairy products, to put it mildly, is not necessary

- the effect may be the most unexpected. It is best to eat melon for two hours before or after the main meal. And most importantly - know when to stop: no matter how tasty was this fragrant beauty, should not get involved.

Who should not eat melon? Such people are virtually none. But in some cases it's worth caution. Special care should be lactating mothers - the baby might be a problem with a chair. It was long thought that the melon is contraindicated in patients with diabetes

- because of the large amount of pulp in its various sugars. Like it or not - is not known until the end, so those who have problems with blood sugar is still there, it is better not to risk it. Gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer of goodies will also abstain.

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