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Magic words that help you lose weight

Jul 25th 2014 at 9:47 PM

Often hardly beginning to lose weight , we lose heart and give up. It seems that the goal is not reached ever. All the matter in the wrong mood, often we ourselves program ourselves to fail, sometimes without even noticing it. Here are five phrases from which is to refuse if you are determined to finish the job.
"I'm so fat!"

This phrase girls who need to lose weight (and those who do not really need), pronounced about a hundred times a day. Morning, looking in

Magic words that help you lose weightmirror , over lunch with colleagues, meeting in the evening with her ​​friends in the dressing room of the store. Some manage to screw it even on a date.

They think that it is pretty coquetry, and at the same time a kind of "stop signal." Like, remind yourself that you're fat, and there is no want. In fact, it just kills the remnants of self-esteem. Kilograms is not going anywhere, even if you have a hundred times obzovet

themselves the most unflattering words. Moreover, on the hundredth time you want to give up on everything by hand: once you have a thick, why now abandon delicious cake or spend an evening at the gym instead of going to the movies.

The right attitude: "I want to look and feel better, so I should throw a few pounds. And I certainly do. "

Repeat to yourself whenever you want to forget about diet and gorge on something extremely harmful, like fried potatoes with bacon on cakes or chocolate cakes.

On the one hand, it will help keep the presence of mind in difficult times to combat obesity, and on the other, you'll feel like a person

who cares about me and wants to preserve the beauty and health. And this is the first step on the way to being able to love yourself, without which it is impossible to look good.

"I can not live without sweets!"

In fact, this phrase is true. None of us can not function without carbs. But we are not talking about fruit, bread and pasta, wholemeal and other useful. You inspire yourself that you need chocolate, cake, candy. But this is self-deception.

Try it next time you want to eat chocolate immediately, "disassemble" on its components.

Cocoa, sugar, fat, lecithin, emulsifiers. Imagine it all laid out on the table. Bitter brown powder, melted margarine, sugar ... You really can not do without it now? Then why are you so insistent convince yourself in this?

The right attitude: "I do not eat that horrible, because my stomach is not a dump."

Once you tune into what you deserve all the best - and the food too - you will automatically cease to have something that will not go in your favor. Expensive box of dark chocolate for morning coffee - it's a nice compliment to himself. Cheap chocolate bar consisting of solid chemicals - an insult to them, and you do not exactly admit.

"Tomorrow I will build a fasting day!"

Usually, this phrase as an excuse for today's excesses. It's nothing that will be eaten today three million calories, but already tomorrow then you just start to lose weight. But as you know, tomorrow never comes. Even if you actually unload the next day,

then it will try to regularly conduct such "obzhornye days", interspersed with hunger strikes. But the trick is that fasting each time more complicated. First, the body can not assess the level of stress, and you can easily withstand the day on yogurt or apples

. Then it will quickly understand what to eat today do not normally give, and will begin with redoubled force to demand their legitimate breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The next day, after unloading, triple a "boot" for the full program. Painstakingly putting all that get in case of another hunger strike ... It all started with an innocent phrase ...

The right attitude: "I want to make the weight is gone, so I still do not relax."

Future results slimming look so bleak and hazy, and the temptations of today - that they are close by. So it is necessary to frequently remind myself why, in fact, have minimized all harm, switched to a healthy and wholesome foods load the sport itself.

"That's when I lose weight ..."

So start all the stories about the plan, which will likely not come true. Next you'll be telling me that learning to ride a wake-board, will go to the mountains, to walk in high heels, visiting beauty salons and change boring jeans dress ..

. Of course, such dreams warmed us on the path to the desired goal. But in fact, admit, you just hide behind your excess weight. Maybe while you do not conquer Everest and odinnadtsatisantimetrovye studs. But why not start with five centimeters and a mountain resort with hiking trails?

The right attitude: "Of course, I look not yet perfect. But I'm working on it. But regardless of how much I weigh, my life should be bright and rich, and I will try to make it better every day. "

It is well known that the best fat burner - it's a good mood. Create afford it themselves. Your life will not only different from what you will lose weight.

Weight at all, by and large, only affects the health and aesthetic appeal. Everything else depends entirely on you and your desire to change something.

So why not start doing it right now? After all, while you hide behind those pounds and begin to live, they are not going anywhere, because subconsciously you will need them.

"I can not ..."

Lose weight, finish this set of exercises, to abandon a late dinner ... No matter what will be the continuation of that phrase. It is important that you pre waive own victory. You surrender before being made the first step towards success. Thus dooming themselves to failure unchanged.

The right attitude: "I will do everything in my power, and even a little more."

You definitely will not be able to cope with the problem, even if you try to approach a solution. In all other cases, something you must succeed. Of course, the result may not be as ambitious as you expected. But it can and exceed your expectations! The main thing is to believe in yourself and give yourself a chance.

Photo: BEW / Fotolink

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