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Low Carbohydrate Diets Harmful?

May 26th 2014 at 6:27 AM

Paleolithic diet is the author of Prof  enlightened on the subject given to share information. rpm and Merman diets, the Duran diet in common with the low-carbohydrate diets. and the differences beneficial fats are also. more detailed article on the My from reach.  Stone Age diet of high-protein diets , such as the bones are said to melt . Is this true ? Not true. While it is true that people were living in the Stone Ages were seen frequently in the bones of osteoporosis . On the contrary, virtually nonexistent. Osteoporosis in consuming more protein foods could be the first article in 1968 stating published (13). In this study, with an equal number of 25 meat eaters, lacto- metacarpal bones compared the bone density of vegetarians found to be more . The meat does not cause osteoporosis is explained by the fact that the claim acidic . Indeed, meat and fish that form in the kidney acid load is high , while that of vegetables and a fruit low. Human kidneys pH below 5 ie acidic urine can not be discharged .

Thus , fish and grains consisting of following ingestion acids ( more phosphate and sulfates) is buffered with calcium from bone part . High amounts of dietary acid excreted by the kidneys in bone calcium melts . But still 'meat makes osteoporosis ' claim is pretty amazing. Analyzing the fossil remains because a lot more meat is consumed , before the agricultural revolution almost no osteoporosis . In fact, 229 children and adolescents between the ages of 6-18 studied for 4 years in a study of increased protein consumption has been shown to increase bone density (14). According to this study had to consume as to cause bone resorption , bone loss is also prevented . Causing the proteins from the diet , bone connective tissue (matrix ) is the raw material forming the essential amino acids is shown.

In some studies, the increase in protein consumption increases bone density , decrease in others received Besides protein foods acidic or basic (alkaline ) related to the amount of food . Protein foods ( meat, milk, dairy products, eggs) , grains, refined oils , refined sugars and other foods while increasing acid load , fruit and vegetables reduces the acid load up . That people in the Stone Age at the amount of acid in the urine ( 22meq/g 's ) than today ( 64meq/g 's ) three times less (15). Nowadays, the only reason for the increase in renal acid load of fruits and vegetables rich in alkaline enough not to be taken . Also during the processing of foods such as meat and grains, alkaline -forming minerals like potassium and magnesium to lose . Therefore, roasting, classic sausage and bacon , dairy protein foods such as milk , ham, sausage and less than refined foods such as milk box Date rebel . According to a survey conducted 500mg/g of calcium in the diet were less than the absorption of calcium from the intestine unless the excess protein ingestion is to reduce the contrary, increases (16).

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