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Lose Weight with "Lady" -2: fifth week

Jul 21st 2014 at 8:16 PM

From the Editors' Lady Mail.Ru »: Dreaming of a beautiful and healthy body, but not enough motivation? We are launching the second "season" special project "Lose Weight with" Lady ", which we hope will inspire many feats.

However , this time losing weight will only be two heroines, the third, on the contrary, wants to get better and find the feminine form, and most importantly - new dietary habits and lifestyle.

We want to show first of all that for some women gain weight - the same problem (and sometimes insurmountable), for others - to lose weight.

Because of the long weekend and do not just dumped me terrible migraines missed part of training. It's a shame, but be sure to catch up next week. Enforced rest served as a good ground for the growth and desire for desire to achieve results.

I realized that I miss classes. But a healthy diet is always with me now! The other day at the store where

I usually buy the products was not my favorite unsweetened yogurt and skim. On the recommendation of yogurt saleswoman took another well-known brand,

and what was my surprise when, having tried it, I realized that I could not eat it: the taste he was sickly sweet.

General mood at me quite militant. Relatives and friends began to notice changes in me: changes in posture, thinner now face some physical exercises and thigh ass, significantly reduce stomach . Each such praise effect on me as a fuel - want to do and strive to achieve even greater results.

Comments coaches:

This week seemed to me the most difficult: too much has had to overcome temptations. Leaving for the weekend to visit his parents,

I had a premonition that I was expecting and intuition did not fail. Mother complained that I do not eat all the time and tried to feed me, but I stood firm defense, trying to explain how it is still important to eat properly. Returning home, glad result - minus one kilogram.

Training this week has increased two-fold: one day instead of two now. I literally was engaged to tremble at the knees. There was a time when I asked my coach Dima, if I can go tomorrow ...

Now for me every kilogram lost - this is a great victory. I am very grateful to my mentors for optimism and support. I will not dissemble, there are moments when you want to hide in a corner and roaring like a little girl.

That is probably our female psychology: we are more inclined to believe in fairy tales than in the harsh realities of life. Just want to see the results, and not putting much effort. And the truth is that every eaten candy in the past - hard work in the present.

Comments coaches:

Last week, I had to leave on business and spend the night in the bus. There I realized once again that in the benefits of sport, it improves endurance. First of all, not being able to occupy the position of the body, which I prefer to rest and sleep,

I realized that I get tired of it much less. In my training there are exercises that require a certain amount of time to hold the desired position.

And I noticed that more easily rise from a prone position, and for this I need not cling to the surrounding objects and to seek support.

A trained person my achievements seem a trifle, but inwardly I was elated! Especially watching the puff two healthy-looking guy lounging on the seats in front.

Comply with diet became much more difficult. But the breakfast I had almost become a habit - it's very good.

Perhaps in time all other meals also settle my schedule. And again I emphasize that my main goal was to bring to life new and useful rules, and weight gain

- a complicated matter, and perhaps it does not overpower so immediately. In any case, I understand that in the projections here I shall hardly competent, and still hoping for a good result.

Comments coaches:

Increased muscle mass - the process is not easy and has its own characteristics. The most important of them - the more muscles become, the more power they require.

We went out to the peak power load. This week, more attention is paid not stimulate muscle growth and improve the quality of flexibility and strengthen the muscles of the stabilizers. Julia added as 1.7 kg

in weight and in volume: chest 2 cm, 2 cm waist, pelvis 2 cm girth hip and shoulder remained. Slowly but surely, we are going to achieve the goal.

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