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Loratadine : A Cure from Allergic Symptoms

Jul 13th 2015 at 1:34 AM

Loratadine is an immensely popular antihistamine medication. This medicine comes in handy to reduce the effects of the histamine, which is a natural chemical in our body. Here, it is essential to know briefly about histamine. This natural chemical is a compound. It is released by the cells in our body in the form of response mechanism to different types of injuries, allergies, or inflammatory. This medicine is helpful in treating symptoms such as itching, skin rash, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes etc. People suffering from chronic skin reactions tend to use this medicine for getting rid of their itching as well as skin hives.

Usage of Loratadine:

Individual planning to get this medicine from local pharmacist for getting rid of the symptoms should ideally go through the directions written on the medicine’s packet. However, if you are taking this medicine after recommendation of your doctor or pharmacist, then you should stick to his/her directions at all times. While you’re consulting with the doctor about this medicine, you shouldn’t forget to share about your medical history. This will help him/her whether this medicine is suited for you or not. Also, it may help the doctor determine your dosage capacity. In case of any doubts about the medicine, you can also get in touch with your doctor.

You should ideally take Loratadine orally with some fluid, preferably with water. You should take only one dosage of this medicine during a span of 24 hours, or as suggested by the doctor. Individuals planning to take chewable medicine should chew it properly before swelling the tablet. Increasing dosage of this medicine without recommendation of your doctor can lead to serious side effects, so you avoid doing so.

If you are having allergic symptoms that haven’t subsided despite regular intake of this medicine, then it’s about time for consulting your doctor. You should seriously avoid waiting for these symptoms to worsen to an extent that things go out of control.

Side Effect:

Generally, intake of this medicinal drug won’t lead to serious health complications. However, individuals experiencing unusual effects after taking this medicine should get in touch with their doctor. Experiencing serious allergic response after taking this medicinal drug is uncommon. However, if you do experience allergic reaction such as breathlessness, itching, swelling, rash, and dizziness, then you should immediately get medical assistance. Having said that this doesn’t include all the negative aspects, but a majority of individuals experiencing serious side effects have similar reactions.  There shouldn’t be any doubt about that if you are experiencing even a small side effect after taking this medicine, then you should contact your doctor.


It is essential to inform your doctor before consumption of Loratadine. This is especially applicable if you’re allergic to this medicinal drug. You need to also inform the list of allergies you suffered from in the past. Loratadine also might some lesser dominant ingredients that may react with your body and lead to health complications. You should thoroughly talk with your doctor regarding every ingredient and its impact upon your body. If you have a history of experiencing problems liver, heart or kidney, then you should avoid this medicine’s consumption. Inform your doctor about the same and let him/her take the final call.

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