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Locate A Home Yeast Infection Treatment

Apr 24th 2014 at 5:03 AM

The female hit anyone at any age. Is a disease caused by bacteria called "Candida albicans" which causes the body to increase the production of abnormal amounts of yeast?

Although there yeast everywhere in the body, and also a lot of it can be unhealthy. The most common types of yeast infection are vaginal yeast infections, thrush and inflammation of the nail. Yeast is a very treatable disease almost goes away without any lasting damage. There are many ways to treat yeast infections, for each type of infection, the following are some of them.

Treat yeast infections vaginal yeast infection easily treated with over the counter creams antifungal, relevant, which should be placed on the affected area for one to seven days. Not recommended to use contraceptives such as condoms or a diaphragm through this time.

For women who are expecting a baby, it is best to consult a doctor for treatment. To prevent vaginal yeast infections from occurring, avoid using douches, any type of spray, scented toilet paper and deodorant tampons. It is advisable to wear cotton underwear and avoid wearing tight pants or panty hose. When wearing a wet suit or dress, it is best to change out of it immediately.

Treat thrush can cure yeast infection in the mouth called thrush with a treatment or lozenges that dissolve in the mouth. The recommended oral use needs to contain that can kill the yeast fungus. A prevention best castle is to maintain oral hygiene teeth cleaned at least twice a day, and floss at least once a day and use the mouth. For those with dentures, thoroughly washed before use

For nursing mothers, it is better to have breast even check for a yeast infection. Treat infections of the nail from the nail yeast infection more difficult to treat. There is a need for a prescription antifungal pill, but it can also be handled with antifungal that has been proven, however, work in mild to moderate infections when the nails were not affected after the fungi. To avoid this disease from happening and happening to keep your skin regularly, dry and clean.

Of It is also recommended to avoid contact with anyone infected with the disease. Use gloves when gardening also reduces the likelihood of female nail from happening. Another way to prevent injuries to avoid sharing personal items such as nail scissors or socks

Yeast infection and have many kinds are treatable and highly preventable, which should last from one to two weeks on average and any time exceeding this means a trip to the doctor. Most of the time they can be treated at home in a natural way and with this knowledge can also help to avoid this disease in the future.

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