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Latest Trends For Improving Health Is Chia Seeds

Mar 15th 2015 at 10:30 PM

For people who are health conscious have got irrefutable healthy choice of chia seed products. It is one of the most ancient food products but lately has gained popularity because of its vast health benefits. One of its main qualities is that it provides sustained energy for the body. They provide powerful rich nutrients to energize one’s soul.

Beverages are available in the markets that are combined with organic chia seeds and other organic fruit juices with sweeteners to produce pleasing and healthy drinks. These beverages are rich in Omega-3s that is a powerful antioxidant and a source of dietary fiber. Omega-3s is known to provide protein, calcium and magnesium combined. They give strength to the body required for a powerful life.

History of Chia Seeds-

Because of high energy and natural healing powers of chia seeds they have been used since ancient times of Maya and Aztecs. It was also used in religious ceremonies in pre-Columbian era. In ancient times runners and warriors who ran miles during wards used it. Chia seeds come from a desert plant called “salvia hispanica”. It is found in north, central and south America. It was consumed as grains, mixed with water, as medicines as early as 3000BC. Thus, it was and still is one of the healthiest food choices.

To list out a few benefits of chia seeds-

· Chia seeds control appetite- it contains high fiber value. When consumed it expands the gut and thus, curbs your appetite. If taken during breakfast it can give energy for a longer fuller day.

· Chia seeds provides strong bones- it provides high calcium percentage in the food. It prevents osteoporosis as its calcium provides bones to stay strong and healthy. It can be a substituent for people intolerant to lactose.

· Chia seeds give better sleep- according to researchers; chia seeds contain a component called tryptophan that increases the melatonin and serotonin hormone levels known for giving sound sleep.

· Chia seeds maintain blood sugar- because of the high fiber in chia seeds it slows the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar thus, maintaining blood sugar levels.

· Chia seeds are good moisturizing agents- they are used by cosmetologists as serums for moisturizing skin. The high omega-3 content gives it anti-inflammatory properties making it healthy for rough and dry skin types.

· Chia seeds protect the heart- combined with omega-3s and other important nutrients, it is healthy for a healthy heart. Omega-3s lower the triglyceride levels thus is a natural cure for heart diseases.

Organic Chia seeds are fit for all age groups; it is great energy source for kids. It will help them in the growth years and brain development. Pregnant women’s should also intake chia seeds in their diets, because as it is omega-3s is highly required during pregnancy. So a great way to add omega-3 in their diet is by consuming chia seeds occasionally.

Chia seeds have become the food of the new healthy age. Its organic properties make it better that so many other products. It add nutrient value to people’s diet around the world. Easily available Quinoa Seeds For Sale, it can be food of the future.

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