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Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss- Paleo diet

Oct 7th 2013 at 1:28 AM

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss- We all know that the foundation of a healthy lifestyle is eating right. Personally, I would answer the questions of this kind very often. And since they usually recommend paleo diet, other issues facing the paleo diet .I will try to explain in a nutshell, what paleo diet anyway and shared his experience:Since we are genetically very similar to our ancestors, we should eat as they do. On this basis it is built paleo or Paleolithic diet.

They lived just what caught and collected. Their diet consisted of meat, fish, some vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs and healthy fats.

They had to adapt to the seasons and it seemed their diet.

If we lived in a perfect world, I would say that we should eat:

Organic meat from animals that graze on meadows and have free range;

Organic vegetables and fruits, depending on the season, to add to the some nuts and seeds. Of course, unsalted and unroasted.

Eggs should be only from hens that graze free range.

Healthy fat in the form of egg. Coconut oil, virgin olive oil, avocados, etc.

But since the ideal world we have here, we can only use what we have available. Also, it is better to overeat pizza, fast food, etc. . .

My personal experience:

Their eating habits I've changed for last 5-7 years quite radically. In the beginning it was a transition from white pasta to whole meal. The same is true for bread and rice. And I saw the first results. I missed the food sweets, fast food, and I began to prepare meals themselves. And I saw other successes. What bothered me, however, was the feeling of bloating and fatigue after eating, especially after a meal. I literally probably after 10-15 min had to lie down for a while, because I was falling asleep on his feet. And I thought that my diet is well balanced. I consumed a variety of meats, vegetables and such. Pasta, but even though I was after lunch without power.

Change came when I met people from Cross fit community. Thanks to them and the books that have come into my hands, I got to the paleo diet.

Slowly I began to omit from your diet bread , then Annex : rice , pasta , potatoes ... I've added to the menu a lot more vegetables , especially those species which I had not yet tasted .

I tried Paleo “challenge” - only 30 days paleo diet. The results again follow shortly wait. Suddenly I had enough energy. I felt tired, but it was more due to early awakening, as due to diet. Bloating disappeared. I lost weight. Overall, I felt much better.

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