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Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss fat loss Reviews about Treatment of overweight

Sep 21st 2013 at 3:03 AM

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss review- Follow a diet to treat obesity problem is difficult, requires effort and sacrifice and requires time. So those who suffer from excess weight are attracted and seduced by new diets promising early success and free of sacrifices.

Nevertheless, some of these diets are unbalanced and continuing up for a prolonged period of time, can have serious damage to health. The list below offers some of the numerous diets but should not be taken without medical supervision.

Treatment of overweight should begin as soon as possible. Whether the reasons are obese health, whether aesthetic or result of social considerations, duty will be referred to a specialist to present the proper solution of the problem. It is essential to carry out an operation complete medical, clinical analytically, to ensure the good health of the patient or to detect complications such as hypertension, excess cholesterol, etc. The medical history will guide the doctor about the difficulties presented by the case. In relation to the hereditary factor, you must insist on family history (presence of obesity parents or siblings) and personal background (time of onset of obesity: childhood, adolescence, youth, by leaving some sports, early menopause at the time of retirement). The solution of the recent increase in weight will be quick and easy, on the contrary, obesity has long suffered will be slow and difficult, requiring a lot of patience both by the doctor and the patient as a dietitian.

Excess weight is due to consume is more calorific foods that the body is able to burn or consume. Therefore, the basis of any diet is this: eat foods containing an energy lower than the body can destruct.

Easts hypo caloric diets are called.

The energy from food, or what comes to the same thing, the ability that humans have to accumulate fat, measured long in units called calories. The calorific value of the three fundamental principles nutrients (carbohydrates or sugars, fats and proteins) is the following:

• One gram of carbohydrates or carbohydrates or sugars equivalent to 4 calories.

• One gram of lipid or fat equals 9 calories.

• One gram of protein equals 4 calories.

It should be noted that one gram of ethyl 7 provides calories. Nevertheless, it should be noted that alcohol lacks nutritional value, I mean, can produce weight gain, but no food.

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