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Know how to use Provigil correctly and be Safe and Sound

Nov 16th 2015 at 4:54 AM

If you have been prescribed Provigil (modafnil) nootropic medication it is very necessary that you know everything about the drug before actually buying it. In case you are contemplating to use it because you have seen someone else benefiting from it, the first thing you should do is consult a doctor and discuss whether you can use it safely. This is a well known drug for the treatment of excessive sleepiness but it is not devoid of controversies. The charge against Provigil is that it has often been seen that people misuse the drug to stay awake for abnormally long hours and get addicted to it.

Know the facts well to decide whether you should buy provigil online a smart drug.

First and foremost, Provigil is a prescription medicine that has a certain dosage and a set of instructions to be followed while using it for treatment. The onus is completely upon the user whether he or she wants to misuse it like any other drug for its benefits. It does not deprive you of sleep nor is it a narcotic drug that gets you addicted. Everything in excess is bad. You cannot take this medicine to keep yourself awake for abnormally long hours. This pills drives away sleepiness for the daytime and prevents the feelings of drowsiness and fatigue but the body needs rest after a while like a normal sleeping schedule. Even if you are active and extra alert all day due to this medicine, your body needs rest during the normal sleeping hours. The body functions according to a clock of its own and if you are awake and active for some hours, your body demands sleep for some hours of the day. This schedule when interrupted can affect the health of the person. Thus if you deprive yourself of sleep by misusing This medicine, you are bound to suffer severe side effects. This medicine is just meant to keep away your excessive sleepiness caused by sleep disorders like narcolepsy and sleep apnea. You may use it as a cognitive booster but there is a limit to which you can use a drug.

The drug is readily available at online pharmacy. While using nootropic class of medications Provigil keep these important points in mind.

  • For an effective treatment for sleep disorder buy Provigil but always consult a doctor before using the drug.
  • Never self medicate or decide your doses on your own. You cannot set the right doses for yourself and may end up either overdosing or misusing the drug, incurring unhealthy consequences in the process.
  • Take this medicine at the right dosage only. Do not increase the dose without asking a doctor. The right dose is very necessary to ensure you can return to your normal schedule.
  • Do not take more than one dose of this medicine in a day. It can be dangerous to overdose yourself.
  • You should never take the drug for duration longer than prescribed. This can make you addicted to the effects of the drug. Take care of your personal safety.
  • Never take it along with alcohol or other addictive substances or experiment with it. Misusing drugs is a crime and it can be fatal for you. It has got potential to be abused and thus you must use it correctly only to be safe. Most drugs prohibit the use of alcohol. People with a history of drug or alcohol addiction are advised not to consume this medicine.
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