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Keep Heart Healthy By Preventing Atherosclerosis

Sep 22nd 2014 at 3:34 AM

Since the time of its development in embryonic stage, heart keeps on functioning until the time of death. It does not stop even for a second, since it can be fatal for the person. The heart keeps on performing its duties, serving the different body organs with blood full of nourishment, energy, and oxygen, along with taking back the used blood to purify it again and supplying it back. All this is done simultaneously, ensuring regular supplies. However, with the wrongful diet and lack of physical exercise, we tend to pose threat to the health of the heart.

Atherosclerosis is one such form of ailment that can pose severe threat to your heart, sometimes being fatal as well. In this condition, the low density lipoprotein starts forming plaque like substance by interacting with the white blood cells. Over a period, if the condition keeps on persisting, it can cause severe damage to your heart. The plaque will block the arteries, specially the small ones, affecting the blood flow to different organs. Heart, which has to pump blood to all of them, has to work hard, posing pressure on it. It can even cause heart attack if the heart has to work too hard for a long time.

Although, atherosclerosis can be fatal for health, it is possible for one to keep at bay all the harmful effects by following a healthy lifestyle. Here are a couple of helpful tips to keep your heart healthy and stay away from hardening of the arteries:

· Eat healthy: instead of munching upon the fast food and oily food, try to include healthy ingredients to your daily diet. Fresh fruits, vegetables cooked in fats with high density lipoprotein cholesterol such as olive oil.

· Leave fatty food: avoid all the fatty food with trans fats and other form of low density lipoprotein. These are harmful for human body, increases cholesterol level thus posing threat on your heart. Fats with HDL cholesterol helps in maintaining low level cholesterol hence keeping ailments at bay.

· Add physical activities: try to follow an active lifestyle, even if you are aged. It will help in maintaining your metabolism, consuming additional calories and fats that can cause blockage in the arteries. With regular exercise, it is possible to control the disease as well.

Eat good, fresh, and healthy food, say no to smoking and alcohol, follow a health friendly daily regime, keep yourself fit to stay away from such diseases and ailments.

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