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Health And Fitness Program

Karma Yoga

Sep 2nd 2014 at 11:01 PM

The newsletters, information relating to the latest information, programs, courses, and every time a way of life, philosophy, or read articles

On issues affecting our lives.
The professions in Purna, services and therapeutic opportunities in the website you can find more detailed information.

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Permanent jobs

Destressz yoga session on Mondays from 18:00 to occupation valid for tickets. We recommend sitting, grants, working in stressful conditions, those who wish to relax.


Himalayan Meditation permanent occupation Thursdays from 7 in the morning. The occupational lease visited. Goes Balint
Dynamic Yoga permanent occupation on Tuesdays from 7 in the morning. The occupational lease visited. Goes Balint


In-Self Yoga sessions - Integrated exercise - 17:00 Tuesday, from 9:00 to 8:30 and from 18:00, Thursday and Friday. Sessions are 1.5 hours each visit and pass. Goes Register. Is welcome!

Know Yourself!

Satsang Discussions on the things of life, and the exercise of philosophy. Friday of each month is designated. The following dates: . November 19 and December 10 of the program it conventional.

Live it!

New occupations

Relaxation Yoga - Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:00 to 17:30. aims to restore calm, relaxing the nerves, the spiritual release of physical tension. Goes Register. The passes are valid.

Chill out!

Yoga Breakfast Napüdvözlettel - Wednesdays from . the whole day, and efficient, wizard refreshing, energizing exercise. Goes Register. The passes are valid.


Yoga Holdüdvözlettel evening - Thursday evening from 8.00. stresses and tensions of a long day and a peaceful and deep sleep and rest its preparation. Goes Register. The passes are valid.

Switch off!

Important information: The November schedule

Eszközöltünk some changes in the timetable based on the assessed needs. Please listen to these changes!

The Monday 19:00-In-Self and Yoga Regiment ceased to exist because of other activities in this time, the start of Hatha Yoga is recommended.

Speaking Relaxation Yoga instead of Tuesday's 9.00-In Self Yoga.

Speaking Relaxation Yoga instead of Friday at 17.30 hours as harmonizing the nervous system.

S twin meditation course
The key to achieving your goals in your mind.


I ndul November 9 th, from 20:00 on Tuesday .
In this course we learn how to achieve your goals and create Sankalpa mantra used to learn the techniques of mind

Apply the relaxation, contemplation and meditation tools.
The course is suitable for 8, keeps £ 18,000. Valentine Register here .

Weekend programs and workshops
Hip Yoga Workshop - 2010th November Saturday 6th 10.00-14.00. - The workshop aims to better understand the structure, function, symbolism of the hip

. It exercises the sajátíthat interested that the mobilization of the hip joints, strengthen, provide, loosen the muscles around the hip. Goes Register. Entry fee:
Open up!

In-Self Yoga Workshop - 2010th November Saturday 20th10.00-16.00. - The mind and body are inextricably linked. All kinds of process occurs in the body, which takes place in the mind and vice versa.

Yoga is particularly helpful in understanding the operation of our being, and the In-Self Yoga instructions specifically require this even

More support. You should know your body resistors mind dams, protests and you may realize you can observe, become conscious positive qualities is emphasized. Goes Register. Entry fee:
Or yourself!

Tickets are available from us
Purna Yoga Instructor Academy

3 year old 4-module training, with completion in both the physical and personal spiritual development, as well as the general yoga teaching skills and in-depth skills training is provided.

This program deals with and is not limited to certain segments of the yoga or the yoga teaching staff areas, although these areas are also part of the training in the science of classical yoga.

Completion of the four modules of 930 hours of training people take part in the students, which is several times higher than the European minimum requirement for most domestic and yoga instructor képzésnél is also higher on the clock.

Each module is formed by the completion of a separate bilingual certificate. Completion of the four modules of Purna Yoga Instructor Academy will receive a diploma candidates.

Independent yoga teacher training first Start in January 2011. - The course is primarily the practice, teaching methodology and techniques of yoga encompasses education, but in addition to this, the physiology of yoga practice, psychology and energetics of a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy great emphasis. The course will help you navigate between the different legal systems and trends.

Meditation Teacher Training will start on February 12, 2011. course of 130 hours, which is five hétvégébõl and a five-day camp. We are waiting for all the candidates who are meditation exercise too would like to pass it to others, so that more people come together with inner peace. In addition to a variety of meditation courses and pedagogy of teaching methods and details of the practice of meditation can learn about the participants in addition to the theoretical background. For more info on the website.

Yoga is one of the most important detail of the writing of the Katha Upanisadból where Nacsikétasz Jama and the Deathly talk:

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