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Jump Manual Review - How to jump higher Basketball Training

Nov 30th 2012 at 8:52 PM

As we know, the height is not the only major factor in basketball. Being able to jump high is a huge factor as you will score

more baskets. Many aspiring basketball players and basketball players, always looking for tips on how to jump higher. Some

people naturally come with this capability, but with proper training, you would be able to do the same. This article is

dedicated to give you advice on how to get the jump height you always wanted, so read on.
Whenever you start a workout, you should always warm. This would loosen up your tight muscles and help you avoid injury while jump manual

working. When warming up, jogging or jumping rope is recommended. In fact, you could have almost any exercise that will get

your heart light blood pumping and get you sweating.
Once you are properly warmed up, you can now start with your exercises. The first year, I would teach you deep knee bends.

This exercise would strengthen your leg muscles. What you do is that you're straight, feet shoulder width. You then bend your

knees as low as you can get. Slowly you stand and repeat. You could do 15 repetitions and gradually increase over time. This

particular exercise should not hurt, and if you feel pain in your knee area, you must stop immediately.
The next workout is much more difficult, but it is twice as effective. This is called deep knee bend jump. In the first part

of the training, it would be deep knee bends as you. You bend as low as you can, but this time you do it quickly. You then

jump as high as you can. Once you arrive, repeat the same exercise. Initially, you do this 15 times, but you can gradually increase it as the force in the construction of your legs.
The last year that I would teach you toe raises. These are fairly easy to make and are perfect for your calf muscles.

Position your feet hip-width apart. Then you slowly rise up tiptoes. Hold your position for a few seconds and then slowly lower. Once again, 15 is the magic number first.

With a lot of hard work and perseverance, you would be able to do whatever you want. Doing these exercises regularly will definitely improve your jump a lot. Be patient, greatness takes time.

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