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John Barban Review-Tension headaches - Neck pain - Shoulder pain

Apr 12th 2014 at 3:35 AM

Help function trapezius muscle is the head and cervical splenius. These muscles usually are infected with two injury casualties caused by car accidents.
Pain and muscle spasm in this lead to tension headaches and neck pain are great.

People suffer from problems in these muscles have difficulty in bending the neck back. There will be also a big pain to bend the neck sideways, as well as to turn the head to the painful side. So when you see a person with difficulty in turning the head and neck to the left, look at the problems with the head and cervical splenius muscle on the left side and right trapezius, and vice versa.

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Such a person usually has to turn the whole body because they find it difficult to turn the head and neck. They often complain that they have difficulty driving because of the difficulty in the neck rotation.

And splenius vertical (head) originates from the muscles in the cervical spine past (C7) to the thoracic spine third (T3) and Rabat from among the thorns known to insert in the skull bone behind the ear lobe known as the mastoid process. Splenius and cervical (neck) arises from the third to the pectoral muscles of the spine and chest sixth (T3 - T6), and included in the transverse processes for the first time during the fourth cervical vertebrae (C1 - C4). Received all of the muscles supplied by the nerve central and lower cervical nerves.

Neck pain | shoulder pain: the role of the deltoid
Neck pain and shoulder pain usually arises from irritation of the C5 and
The deltoid front raises his arm forward and up (bending), and the deltoid amid moves the arm away from the trunk (kidnapping), and the deltoid back raises back arm (Appendix).
It is a muscle strong in raising activities type and also works constantly when outstretched arm forward as it is in writing, and writing, and leadership, among others.

Implementation of these requests are forward of the arm, known as the shoulder flexion, which reduces many of the muscles that are big and strong like the head of thoracic, major long biceps, and cora-cobrachialis anterior deltoid.

To achieve stability in flexion movement, the muscles that bring back arm (shoulder extension) and undergo a lengthening contraction. Is performed to extend the shoulder muscles by three major, and on top of major and posterior deltoid

Pain, spasticity and weakness of the deltoid poster therefore very common, especially C5 and C6 nerve root involvement is also very common. When the deltoid is not working properly, are performed by lifting type movements shoulder shrugging, which is the work of the upper trapezius comes into play before.

Since there is not strong enough to lift the performance of the activities, and the muscle goes into spasm and neck and shoulder pain aggravation.

Therefore cannot be a pain in the deltoid region is localized to treat only the deltoid muscle. You must activate selective method used twitch include all participants in the lengthening muscle contraction provided by the nerve roots C5 - C7 and muscle length from the neck to the base of the spine.

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