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Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite- CELLULITE

Oct 24th 2013 at 3:38 AM

Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite- What is cellulite?

Cellulite is characterized by the appearance of orange peel'''' of the skin and is characteristic of adipose tissue dysfunction. A local hypertrophy of adipose lobes in the subcutaneous tissue, which is associated with circulatory disorders (venous, lymphatic)

Cellulite occurs mainly in women and because affected by estrogen found in hormone sensitive areas, ie inner thighs and knees, buttocks, abdomen, hips. In contrast, in men, located in the upper part of the body, especially in the stomach.
8 in 10 women exhibit a cellulite stage (1-4)

How to create?
Appears on woman from a young age, while we find in exaltation when we disorder hormonal profile as disturbances cycle oral contraceptive drugs, pregnancy or menopause. Aggravating factors include poor diet, alcohol, smoking, metabolic disorders of fat cells, stress problems circulatory system, venous or lymphatic stasis years, obesity and the lack of exercise.

If not treated immediately, deteriorates and becomes chronic and painful. In the final step (4) causes pain.


Mesotherapy . Mesotherapy apply to intradermal injection of a suitable pharmaceutical formulation according to the stage of the disease. Regarded as the best method of aesthetic medicine for the treatment of cellulite, and other aesthetic problems (skin laxity, wrinkles, hair loss, skin aging, etc.). Applied the technique of micro-injections in the affected areas using without pain. Drugs increase lipolysis and facilitate the release of adipocytes resulting tightening and regeneration of the affected skin, in combination with substances having lipolytic, vasopressor, and clamping apoidimatikes properties improving microcirculation and the degradation of fat cells.

Making a session week or every 15 days depending on the advice of a dermatologist enough few sessions for aesthetic improvement of the problem, and then 6-12 sessions for optimum results. The session lasts about 30 minutes and the result should be serviced every year. A prerequisite is the patient responsible for the maintenance of the correct weight with exercise and proper individualized nutrition, otherwise the cellulite will return ...
There are no contraindications or side effects to this treatment.
Ultrasound cellulite.
The latest generation of ultrasound used to treat cellulite are ideal operating frequency and power, after several years of implementation. It is a painless method that consists of special electrodes in contact with the skin, that are intended to millions impulses that break down fat cells. Each session lasts approximately 20 to 40.


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