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Joey atlas scam - Why smoking increases the pulses?

Jan 18th 2014 at 3:16 AM

Finally, cardiologists point out once again that smoking damages the blood circulation. More specifically, nicotine has a stimulatory effect on the sympathetic nervous system, resulting in the switching of each cigarette, the heart beat louder even for a few minutes after stopping the. And not only. The toxic substances produced by burning tobacco, enter the bloodstream and preventing transfer of oxygen to all organs.

To remedy this deficiency, the brain sends a command to the heart to work more intensively, so that the amount of oxygen to be sufficient by the increased number of pulses. Over time, the heart rate remains elevated, with dire consequences for the health of the heart and arteries. Quitting cigarette allows the heart to work less, but more productive manner. The first benefits are immediately visible: the pulse rate decreases within the first half day without a cigarette and tends to stabilize at normal levels each day passes.

Moreover, cutting the cigarette stimulates lung capacity to hold oxygen, thus asking less supply from the heart and allow it to ring so less often. TEST: You can check YOUR HEART RATE? Answer these 10 questions and find out if your heart is working properly. 1. Do you smoke? A. No (3) B Yes, but no more than 7.6 cigarettes per day (2) C. Yes, more than 10 cigarettes a day (1) Two. Do you feel stressed? A. Yes, I often (1) B. No, I seldom occurs (3) C. Yes, sometimes (2) Three. Lately, have you happen to feel tired physically and spiritually? A. No (3) B. Yes, a couple of times (2) C. Often (1) 4. Do you exercise? A. No, I do not have time (1) B.

Whenever I can, I go to the gym (2) C. go to the pool and cycle (3) 5. Walk at least half an hour every day? A. Yes, everything (3) B. When I have time (2) C. Almost never (1) 6. If you climb the stairs two floors to walk ... A. gasps slightly (2) B. I feel me breathless (1) C. I do it without any difficulty (3) 7. Have extra weight? A. Yes, several (1) B. No, I am in complete form (3) C. Yes, Cana-two (2) 8. Regularly visit your cardiologist? A. No, I have to visit him very long (1) B. the visitor only when facing a specific problem (2) G. visitors with a specific timetable (3) 9. Often use the car? A. No, I try to metakinoumai walk (3) B. Only the most distant locations (2) C. Yes, every day (1) 10. Do you know the number of your heart beat? A. Yes (3) B. I have to say, but do not remember (2) C. No, but do not worry about him (1) ANSWERS Add the points corresponding to the answers you gave above, and read your profile: you will discover if your heart is safe or whether distress.

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