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Joey atlas scam - What are the white spots that can appear on the nails?

Jan 18th 2014 at 2:54 AM

The small white spots are air bubbles generated between the plates of the nail, ie the keratin layers that form. The cause may be: lack of minerals, especially zinc, copper and iron, or the result of repeated small traumas to the point. If, however, the white spots involving more than one or all of the nails may be a sign of a skin disease such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, a skin disease that is manifested by itching and redness in areas more or less extensive body.

The hiccups can hide a real disease? Only in some cases. When it is very persistent, the hiccups can hide a problem in the internal organs. For example, it can be: -Indication GORD (uploading of the contents of the stomach into the esophagus), A-gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) -Or a pericarditis, ie inflammation of the membrane that surrounds the heart. In most cases, however, is an innocent and transient symptom and should not raise any concern. It is true that cutting your hair grow faster? No, mowing only serves to improve the appearance of the crown, as it removes potential worn parts, depleted or split ends.

Regardless of the hairstyle and cuts, hair grow on average one centimeter every twenty days. And the same is true even if all shave one's head: and if too close, the hair will continue to grow and fall always the same and unchangeable way. Why sometimes trembling eyelid? The causes of this harmless disorder that lasts a few seconds are mainly two: -One is a non-equilibrium metal salts such as sodium, chloride, calcium and potassium. The trembling of the eyelid is none other than the activation of small, rapid and involuntary contractions of the links of the nerves of the muscles of the eyelid and what affects muscle contractions are the entry and exit movements of electrolyte in the cells. -Another possible cause is temporary hyperactivity of the nervous system, which is confirmed in case of stress, fatigue, anxiety or depression.

Among the various types of chocolate, white has fewer calories? The opposite! It's the one with the most fat and calories. For preparing white chocolate used milk, sugar, flavors and cocoa butter only. Excluded, therefore, the chocolate powder that remains after pressing the cocoa butter. To be precise, therefore, the white should not be called chocolate because it contains no cocoa. Even energy efficiency is different: in 100g. chocolate couverture there are about 515 calories, 545 in milk and white more than 560 calories.

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