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Joey atlas scam - All because of health

Jan 18th 2014 at 2:50 AM

It is true that hot peppers can create dependency? Yes it is possible. The hot peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical that is responsible for the strong caustic taste leaves. Capsaicin is considered as moderate addictive substance. Addiction manifests itself as desire frequent consumption of foods with strong "caustic" sauces and peppers. This is because the brain just take the "pain signals" from receptors neurons of the mouth, nose and throat, begins to respond, causing secretion of endorphins (the "natural painkillers" of the organization).

The secretion of endorphins creates a temporary feeling of euphoria (psychological 'high') with accompanying symptoms such as tachycardia, accelerated metabolism, intense salivation and sweating body. Why say 'greening of my bad? " It could be a phrase without meaning, but in fact there is a scientific explanation. Under our liver have a small organ, the gallbladder, which has the role to deliver a greenish liquid (bile) which facilitates digestion.

Usually, the liquid released little at a time, but in the case of intense emotions, such as anger or intense anger, bile can be cast in larger quantities. From there was born the correlation between green bile and the appearance which is very angry. An intense anxiety can bring a fever? Yes, in some cases fever may be caused by an intense emotion, such as a moment of intense anxiety or high intensity. Defined as "psychogenic disease", i.e. defined by a psychological mood causing physical stress. In these cases the fever usually has an intermittent course, with prices that can even reach 38 degrees, to descend and then climb again. It is a phenomenon that mainly affects babies. It is true that to breastfeed do not have to have big breasts? Yes, women with small breast does not necessarily have problems with breastfeeding. H milk production, in fact, depends on the mammary gland through small pores, milk ducts, carry food to the nipple. And this gland is present in all women, or to those who wear the first size in bra or those who have large breasts.

In essence, to define the size of the breast is not the same gland, but the amount of adipose tissue located around the mammary gland. Whoever eats carrots tans more? Not so: in order to see results on the skin should be eating in very large quantities, about a pound a day. Alternatively, one can try to help your tan from the sun by taking a supplement in accordance with beta carotene, a substance which is rich carrots, but contained in other foods such as spinach, savoy and beetroot. It is a precursor of vitamin A (which is the body converts beta carotene into vitamin) helps to improve the appearance and protection of the skin, making it more beautiful and uniform tan. Why smog harms the hair? Hair is like sponges, to the extent that absorbs toxic substances in the atmosphere. Indeed, the structure is porous and if there is much contamination hair look dull and may have dandruff and itching. Moreover, the cloud makes hair look dirty and pushes in frequent use, making the hair more weak and vulnerable.

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