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Joey atlas scam - 15 minutes to relieve the eye

Jan 18th 2014 at 2:40 AM

Like the rest of the body can be tired or irritated. To prevent inflammations and infections needs to spend some rest .. Wind, dry environment and a day's work in front of the computer and evening eyes are tired and bloodshot. The capillaries that nourish the tissue, expanded in practice because of the inflammation due to fatigue or irritants. To rub your eyes and use them all day without a break is a big mistake: the inflammation can become chronic and weaken the defenses of the eye, which would become more susceptible to viruses, bacteria and allergens responsible for conjunctivitis and other disorders. So, better to spend a few minutes each day. There are some simple tricks to soothe redness and irritation of the eyes.

When, however, the disturbance is not passed and no additional burning and tearing, you should visit an ophthalmologist. 1 minute to put artificial tears Above all, the eyes should be washed to remove traces of dust and foreign particles that may cause irritation. So we can use artificial tears (sold in a pharmacy) that is really tear substitutes and give immediate relief. How? Standing in front of the mirror with clean hands slightly turn down the lower lid of the left eye with the index finger and let it fall two drops. Close your eyes two or three times and then toss and turn the eye to spread uniformly across the surface of the eye solution.

Then repeat on the other eye. 6 minutes to make a compress Pour in boiling water a tablespoon of chamomile flowers and a spoonful of lemon verbena. Allow to cool and soak through two gauze and place them on closed eyes. Very good are the masks that are ready for sale in pharmacies, which contain a gel base with soothing herbal extracts. Alternatively, they can make good gauze soaked in rose water, two sachets well squeezed cold tea or chamomile compresses or wet gauze and left for a few minutes in the refrigerator: the cold tightens the capillaries and reduces redness. 5 minutes to relax the eyes with palming To palmimg is a simple technique to relax the eyes. Comfortably sitting in a room with dim light, best walk in a resting level to be even more relaxed. The hands are placed over the closed eyes with fingers glued and hand rested lightly on the eyelids. Maintain this posture for a few minutes. The darkness calms the spirit, while the contact with the warm palm relaxes the muscles of the eyelids.

The look appears immediately more relaxed. 3 minutes to make a massage with a cream A massage around the eyes favors tissue oxygenation and reduces redness. Apply cream or gel (preferably not too greasy and hypoallergenic) with small drops in the area around the eyes and massage gently from the inside out. So favored drying liquids that accumulate in the lower eyelid and the eyes look fresher and less irritated. Every day drops?'s Not a good habit. The drops are useful in an emergency, for example if one suffers from allergies or conjunctivitis, because it contains healing substances. Once treatment is complete, the product should be removed even if it has been used throughout. The eyedrops, indeed, are drugs that have a very short life because bacteria are easily hideout, which if brought into contact with the eye may cause even severe forms of conjunctivitis. Moreover, the drops contain astringent substances are of no use if prevention and healthy eye can turn instead to harmful.

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