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1 year ago

Is There Any Link Between Insomnia and Dementia?

Jan 4th 2016 at 3:15 AM

Dementia is a medical condition in which men and women have problem remembering things. They forget things so easily and also have difficulty learning new things. Of late, researchers at Oxford University discovered a link between sleep and dementia problems in men and women.  There were 147 people examined and researchers found that around a third of the sample participants were insomniacs or bad sleepers. They revealed that those people who had trouble getting to sleep showed areas of decline throughout their brain functions, particularly in the frontal cortex.

On the other hand, those men and women who slept well for 7 to 9 hours were mentally healthy enough.  Yes, better sleepers were found to be having a healthy and functional brain with no dementia or weak memory.  They were good at remembering and learning new things as they had high cognitive power. If you want to your brain save from degeneration, it is always important to enjoy a sound and sufficient sleep of 7 to 8 hours.  Keep in mind that a good sleep at night performs as a restorative function, repairing damaged brain cells and ensuring that the brain functions well.

The majority of research shows that sleep offers positive benefits. It is important for our mental, physical and emotional health. It helps the body to flush out toxins and keeps brain’s integrity. If we cannot enjoy good sleep or lose it on regular basis, it causes stress, anxiety, obesity, fatigue, drowsiness in the daytime, obesity, heart problems and so on. Considering how dangerous insomnia and dementia can be, some companies have developed sleeping tablets as a way to deal with sleep difficulties and avoid dementia and other potential health risks in men and women around the world.

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Modern sleeping pills formulated for chronic sleep problems have become a common way to cure insomnia. Some popular names among these include ambien, zopiclone, xanax, diazepam and many others. All these drugs work on the central nervous systems to cause calmness, which eventually leads to a peaceful slumber at night. They also contain some properties that help you to wake up feeling rested. When not taken correctly, they are likely to trigger some unwanted adverse events such as headache, drowsiness, fatigue, lack of concentration etc. So take them as prescribed to you.

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