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Is It Ok to Ignore Herpes Virus?

Aug 20th 2014 at 12:06 AM

Ultimate Herpes Protocol

There are two main types of herpes (when ingested can persist throughout life) and shingles (caused by Varicella zoster virus and has more severe symptoms and consequences). Mainly the herpes virus is transmitted through contact, airborne droplets, household items and vertical transmission (from mother to fetus). The disease has become very common and a large number of people get affected with it every year. Therefore, herpes must be taken seriously.

What to Do If One Gets Affected with Herpes?

If someone has got affected with a disease like herpes, it is advisable to consult with a doctor and if it does not seem to be possible for you to get consultancy from doctor due to any reason, you can also opt for the other ways to get rid of it. However, you must always keep in mind that even the latest antiviral drugs cannot completely destroy the herpes virus. After treatment, there is always an acute need to systematically support the immune system by letting it go under repeated courses of treatment with immunomodulators or immunostimulants or other methods prescribed by your doctor. For further info or quiry visit our Official Site: Ultimate Herpes Protocol

Herpes Virus & Reoccurrence of Disease

Herpes virus penetrates the human body and settled in it, from time to time because a relapse of the disease, which manifests itself, blisters on the lips, oral mucosa (stomatitis) and eye cornea (keratitis).Primary acute herpes responds well to treatment: sometimes it is enough to apply some rashes oxolinic ointment prescribed by the doctor.

Herpes occurs once every few years in most of the cases, but it can also occur every year or even on monthly basis. Relapse usually occurs when the body is weakened and has reduced defensive strength due to some kind of illness such as hypothermia, intoxication and even emotional stress ( Read how to Manage Stress by Gov:

Especially I would like to say about the reoccurrence of the genital herpes as this disease is transmitted not only sexually but also through household items which are used by the patient. Therefore, the occurrence of herpes cannot be treated as the basis for the prosecution of a spouse's infidelity.

Treatment & Prevention of Herpes

Herpes Treatment

In the prevention of recurrences of herpes, it is quite important to increase body's defenses by getting it involved in different tough activities from physical exercises to the sports and social involvement. These simple measures can guarantee to bring positive results in your efforts to prevent the reoccurrence of the disease in future.

Traditional medicine offers the following ways;

•    If the rash has not appeared yet, but you feel the familiar sensation and itching, it is possible to treat herpes, applying to the right place with the cloth, wrapped in ice for 5 minutes every 2-3 hours.
•    Rashes can be lubricated with tea tree oil or pine oil 3-4 times a day.
•    The wound can be applied with leaves brewed tea as it contains tannin that helps drying the wound.
•    On the affected spots, you can also apply the slurry of crimson branches. For the preparation of this tool, you should wash the branches of raspberry thoroughly, chop and mash until you get them into mushy form.
•    Rashes can also be lubricated with tincture of birch buds.

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